Fall 2023

Speaker Series: A Guide to Sustainable Construction: The Contractor’s Commitment

Steve Burke
Senior Director, Sustainability

Speaker Series: Sustainability Impact: Decarbonization of Existing Buildings

Neetu Siddarth
Sustainability Manager - Energy & Utilities

Speaker Series: The Influence of Climate Change on Buildings

Matthew J. Eckelman, PhD
Associate Professor

Speaker Series: Energy and Operational Carbon Modeling – Integrating Local Laws and LEED in High Performance Buildings

Daniel Mayer
Environmental Designer

Speaker Series: Embodied Carbon and Why it is Crucial to Reduce to Have Sustainable Buildings

Jaclyn Lee
Structural Engineer

Speaker Series: Impactful Design: Past and Prospects

Dan Arons

Speaker Series: Passive House and How We Design

Andrew Steingiser

Spring 2023

Speaker Series: Boston’s New Building Emission Performance Standard

Patrick Murphy
Director of Sustainable Design

Speaker Series: What the Building Enclosure has to do with Sustainability

Matthew R. Pitzer, P.E. AIA, LEED AP BD+C - Senior Project Manager
Anna M. Burhoe, P.E. - Senior Consulting Engineer

Speaker Series: Advancing Sustainability

Ken Neuhauser

Speaker Series: Net Zero: Why Retrofits Matter More!

Kiersten Washle
Building Science Engineer

Speaker Series: Health & Material Impacts of 6 Chemicals in Construction Materials

Brent Ehrlich
Products & Materials Specialist

Speaker Series: Northeastern’s Campus Decarbonization

Jacob Glickel
Director of Sustainability Operation

Speaker Series: Owning Your Sustainability Story

Blake Jackson
Director of Sustainability

Speaker Series: PHIUS REVIVE Pilot Retrofit Program

Al Mitchell
Project Certifier

Fall 2022

Speaker Series: Highlights of current Passive House projects and status of Passive House in state policy

Stephen Moore
Senior Building Systems consultant, Head of Boston Office

Speaker Series: Bringing Sustainability Goals to Reality: Implementation in Practice

Arlen Li
Architect and Planning Principal

Speaker Series: Daylight Glare Analysis of Three Airports – an introduction to modern day glare control devices

Trisha Rajesh Parekh
Sustainability Consultant

Speaker Series: Positive Energy from Positive Change: Achieving High Performance in Affordable Housing

Keihly Moore
Architect and Urban Designer

Speaker Series: TBA – Matthew Eckelman

Matthew Eckelman
Associate Professor

Speaker Series: Tackling Decarbonization with Phius and Passive Building

Lisa White
Associate Director/Technical Lead

Spring 2022

Engineering All-Electric Buildings

Kristen Brozowski
Senior Sustainability Engineer

Boston’s Best Kept Secret For Getting To Net Zero

Frank Hennigan - Senior Account Executive
Kevin Hagerty - Chief Technical Officer
Rick Smith - Vice President of Business Development

Plainfield NH School Deep Energy Retrofit Project

Marc Rosenbaum

Code Red for Humanity on Environment and Health – Why This Generation Holds the Key

Luke Leung
Sustainable Engineering Principal + Practice Leader

SBSY Speaker Series: Luke Leung

Luke Leung
Director of MEP + Sustainable Engineering Studio

SBSY Speaker Series: Calina Ferraro

Calina Ferraro
Principal, Mechanical

SBSY Speaker Series: Sara Yasin

Sara Yasin
President of NU Solar Decathlon

SBSY Speaker Series: Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Robinson
Associate Director of Green Building Services

Passive House Lessons Learned from the Builders’ Perspective

Jesper Kruse
General Manager

Designing Large Buildings for a Zero Emissions Future

Colin Schless
Vice President

Fall 2021


Jacob Knowles
Associate Principal, Director of Sustainable Design

Winthrop Center and Passive House

Brad Mahoney
Director of Sustainable Development

What is Next for Sustainability at Northeastern

Jacob Glickel
Director of Sustainability Communications and Integration

The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Building Challenge: Passive House New Construction and Retrofits at Scale

Beverly Craig
Senior Program Manager

Successfully Overcoming Challenges of Green Infrastructure to Transform Public Spaces

Marina Fernandes
Town Engineer

Building Energy Modeling (BEM): An Integral Part of the Design Process

Samira Ahmadi
Founding Principal

Total Carbon: A Deep Green View of Buildings

Jim Newman
Founder and Principal

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Major Academic Buildings

Gilbert Delgado
Associate Vice-President Facilities Management

Spring 2021

Electrification of the Built Environment

Charles Stellberger
Building Performance Group

Why You Can’t Make Sustainable Buildings Without Building Science

John Straube

Sustainable Building Systems in the Central Highlands of Guatemala

Linnaea Cahill

Machine Intelligence, Urban Futures, and Human-Centered Design

Brian Ho
Senior Design Lead

Ground & Down Sustainability: Site Services for a Successful Project

Robert Phillips, PhD
Staff Engineer

Sustainability Narratives in Urban Design

Einat Rosenkrantz - Senior Associate, Urban Designer
Thomas Nideorest - Associate

Lowering Embodied Carbon In Drycast Concrete by Increasing CO2 Sequestration

Heidi Jandris
M.S. Candidate in Sustainable Building Systems

Design, Durability, and Defects: Why Service Life is an Important Aspect of Sustainability

Travis St. Louis - Senior Project Manager
Olivia Palmer - Associate Project Consultant

Brown University: Campus-Wide Thermal Efficiency Project

Jesse Morrow
Project Engineer

What is Mass Save? Residential Energy Assessments and Retrofit Weatherization

Matt Hammer
HEA Operations Manager

Modeling Data Driven Occupant Thermostat Patterns

Kunind Sharma
PhD Candidate

Fall 2020

Achieving High Performance Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings

Shruti Rose James
Associate Consultant

“Zero” Homes: Past, Present, Future

Ann V. Edminster
Founder and Principal

Panel Discussion: Sustainable Construction & Development

Ben Myers
Vice President of Sustainability

Buildings as a Climate Change Solution

Chris Magwood

Automation for a circular economy in construction

Catherine De Wolf
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment


Nicole Voss

Get Inspired: How to Bring Wood Structure Options into Your Design and Project Delivery

Eli Gould
US Representative, QWEB Wood Structure Group

Proving Yourself Wrong: Truth Seeking vs Confirmation Seeking, with Regards to Sustainable Building

Conor McGuire
Director of Sustainability


Michelle Lambert
Founder and Principal

Sustainability as an Urban System

Federico Cartín Arteaga
Founder and General Director

Spring 2020

Linking Building Energy Efficiency Measures to Public Health Benefits

Matthew Eckelman
Associate Professor and Associate Chair For Research

Promoting Sustainability in Construction and Design: The Case Against Business as Usual

Michael Orbank
Sustainability Lead

Transparency is the New Green In Product Selection and Specification

Terry Swack
Founder and CEO

Biophilic Design in Multifamily Housing

Paul Maloney
Project Manager


David Supple
Founder and CEO

Sustainable Building Systems: An Architect (& Building Scientist)’s Perspective

David Fannon
Assistant Professor

Energy Consulting and Modeling – One Person’s Perspective

Magda Lelek

Case Studies in Working Landscapes and Living Infrastructure

Jesse Rosenbluth
Business Development, Green Infrastructure Technical Services

Fall 2019

Climate Perspectives

Arlen Stawasz
Resilience Strategist

Sustainability Achieved with Durability: The Importance of a Continuous, Well-Installed Building Enclosure

Sophia Salah PE - Consulting Engineer
Stephen Holland - Project Consultant

Retrofitting Our Residences for a Low-Carbon Future

Rachel White - General Manager & Project Manager
Josy Raycroft - Designer

Thermally Autonomous Low-Income Housing

John Kongoletos
PhD Candidate

Integrating Energy into Building Design

Mike Cavanaugh
Sustainability Leader

Integrated Project Delivery at E.M. Duggan

Victor Xue LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP - HVAC Coordinator
Dana Griffith - BIM Coordinator/Educator

Trends Toward Low and Zero Energy Buildings

Kimberly Cullinane
Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant

The Role of IOT and Data Analytics in the Built Environment

Joshua Sklarsky
Chief Technology Officer

Energy Efficiency: Why it Matters & Paths to Employment

Dave Boettcher
Founder & CEO

Architecture, Sustainability + the Emotional Brain

Ann Sussman
Architect, Author, Researcher

Resilience and the Private Realm: Boston’s Coastal Flood Resilience Zoning Overlay

Matthew Littell LEED AP - Founding Principal
Nupoor Monani - Urban Planner & Designer

Spring 2019

Can the Built Sector Save Us?

Cynthia Curtis
Senior VP for Global Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement

Whole-House Ventilation Systems: Providing Healthy, Comfortable, & Energy Efficient Solutions

John Rockwell
Sales Engineer


Abigail Ransmeier

Water Management and Resilient Communities

Kara Slocum
Professional Staff | Civil and Environmental Designer

Biomaterials: Creating a Circular, Sustainable Future

Julia Hansen (FabLab Boston)
Joe Sahl (GE Aviation, US)

Old is the New… New: The Essential Role of Existing Buildings in Addressing Climate Change

Jean Carroon
Principal - Design, Preservation and Sustainability

Context Enriches Craft

Ted Touloukian
President & CEO

Systems Commissioning: Making Buildings Work Right

Lance Brown
Commissioning Project Manager

Building Inherent Value: Implementing the Passive House Building Standard

Michelle Apigian
Senior Project Manager, Practice & Sustainability Leader

Fall 2018

Re-Examining Glass Building Design: Exploring the Myths of Achieved Energy Savings

Liz Galloway
Senior Associate | Civil Engineer | Sustainable Designer

Creating Smart Buildings Workshop

Raquel Powers - Senior Sales Executive, Building Automation
John “JC” Courtney - Business Development Manager, Data Analytics
Perla Redfern - Business Development Manager

Fabrication and Mock-up Testing in High Performance Buildings – The Hitchcock Center

Sam Batchelor

People, Planet, Profit – What is sustainability?

Aelan B. Tierney

High Performance Building Materials for Passive House Construction

Oliver Klein
Regional Sales Consultant for New England

Net Zero Water, Not a Dry Topic

Chris Chamberland

The 100% Solar Household – An Economics-driven Switch to Renewables

Malcolm Sonnett
Solar Design Specialist

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling for Indoor Air Quality

Romio Mikhael
Energy Engineer

Spring 2018

Senior Project Management Panel

Alexander "Al" Donovan LEED AP BD+C - Senior Project Manager
Anthony Vivirito LEED AP BD+C - Senior Project Manager
Edward R. Bradford AIA, NCARB, LEED AP - Associate Principal

Left Brain, Right Brain: The Intersection of Metrics & Design

Jim Stanislaski
Architect & President of AIA Massachusetts

Buildings are Living Entities

Robert Andrews
Partner & Managing Director

40 Trinity

Gary Kane

The Intersection between Design and Performance: A Research Driven Practice

Yanel de Angel AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC - Associate Principal
Stephen Messinger AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC - Project Architect, Associate
Rishi Nandi AIA, LEED AP - Senior Project Architect / Associate

Secrets Revealed: Sustainability Career Opportunities

Brad Jones

People, Place & Profit: Balancing LEED with New Approaches to Sustainability

DiAnn Mroszczak AIA, LEED AP BD+C - Sustainable Leader
Dave Snell AIA, LEED AP BD+C - Senior Associate

Smaller is the New Big Idea

Jonathan Wright
Founder & Senior Advisor

Climate Resilient Design for an Uncertain Future

Amy Korté

Achieving Patient Comfort through High Performance Design

Deborah Rivers
Senior Healthcare Architect & Sustainability Leader

Fall 2017

Green Building – From Concept to Practice

Barbra Batshalom
Founder & Executive Director

Net Positive Residential Design

Stephanie Horowitz
Managing Director

Boston LightWells: Crowdsourcing Groundwater Levels

Michelle Laboy
Assistant Professor

Zero (Net) Energy Buildings

David Bliss
Senior Project Manager

Designing with Solar

Tom Bone
Vice President of Operations & Sales

Overview of USGBC’s Rating Systems and LEED v4

Sandy Brock
Vice President & Chief Engineer

Topics and Careers in Building Energy Modeling

Jasmine Abdollahi
Environmental Design Analyst

Embodied Energy: Sustainable Design for Homes in New England

Andy Hinterman

The WELL Building Standard: Leadership in Healthy Design, Construction and Operations

Jennifer Taranto
Director of Sustainability

Opportunities, Challenges & Trends: Optimizing Existing Building Energy Performance

Jessie Miller
Utility Program Manager

Spring 2017 for Solar

Kimberly Le
Manager of Network Partners

Commissioning & Sustainable Buildings

Stephen Turner
President and Founder

Mainstreaming Life Cycle Assessment

Matt Rice AIA LEEP BD+C - Senior Associate (SMMA)
Peter Bradly - President (PM&C)

Window Design for the Passive House Standard

Patrik Muzila

Passive House Responding to Climate Change with Energy Efficiency

Mike Duclos
Principal and Founder

Buildings, Biology + the 21st Century Paradigm Shift: How Biometrics will Change Understanding of the Architectural Experience

Ann Sussman
Architect, Author, Researcher

Big Data + Machine Learning + Cloud Analytics = Smart Buildings + Energy Savings

Kevin Debasitis
Northeast Director of Sales

Performance Information Integration in the Building Design of the ISEC

Andrea Love
Director of Building Science & Associate Principal

Fall 2016

Local Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Strategy Examples

Chris Schaffner
Founder and President

The Role for Solar Energy in Electrifying Off-Grid Communities Globally

Amy Mueller

Creating more Sustainable and High Performance Buildings in Massachusetts

Liyang Wang
Energy Efficiency Consultant

Zero Net Energy Buildings: The New Definition of High Performance

Conor McGuire
Director of Sustainability

Spring 2016

Building Enclosure and Mechanical System Upgrades: A Critical Look at Implementation Strategies

Jason Der Ananian PE - Senior Project Manager
Brent Gabby PE - Senior Principal