Get Inspired: How to Bring Wood Structure Options into Your Design and Project Delivery

Eli Gould

Quebec Wood Export Bureau

US Representative, QWEB Wood Structure Group

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

The last decade of innovation in new wood based construction technologies north of our border holds valuable lessons for future designers. The seminar will also review facts on qualities and types of engineered wood structures,  look at recent delivered case studies, and give us a blueprint to plan wider use of regionally sourced timber in our own work here in the US.


Eli graduated with one of the first dual Architecture/Forestry degrees from Yale in the early ‘90s, with a conviction that the two fields would eventually be more linked.  After a quarter century,  this seems more true and even mainstream, but for many years it was an entrepreneurial effort in the small vertical wood prefab companies he ran in Vermont, and in the automated timber industry where he often consulted.  For the last three years, Eli has brought those experiences into a nonprofit market development role for QWEB.  When he’s not trying to transform the AEC industry into a positive climate force he enjoys small town and organic farm life in Vermont with his family.

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