Fabrication and Mock-up Testing in High Performance Buildings – The Hitchcock Center

Sam Batchelor AIA

DesignLAB Architects

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

at 6:00 pm

335 Shillman Hall

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment is a 9,000 sf Living Building Challenge project in Amherst, MA. This talk examines how computer modeling, mock-up testing, and grass-roots fabrication were used on this small project to facilitate the incorporation of innovative building systems and assemblies that were critical to achieving Living Building Challenge Certification. Examples include using a unique solid wood building shell that completely eliminated thermal bridging, and rainwater capture system that included visible interior storage tanks. The session will review mock up and modeling techniques that are available without expending tremendous resources. It will also look at how certification requirements related to LBC can be leveraged to support project goals and encourage more innovative thinking.


Sam Batchelor is a partner at designLAB architects, director of the MassArt Community/Build Studio, and former president of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC).  His work focuses on place-based design, most notably in the areas of environmental stewardship and community-building through the arts.