Embodied Energy: Sustainable Design for Homes in New England

Andy Hinterman AIA

LDa Architecture & Interiors

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

at 5:00 pm

142 ISEC

Designers in New England face a unique challenge with adopting sustainable design techniques. On one hand there’s a large existing housing stock that might not seem to be well-suited to sustainable design, and on the other there’s a culture among homeowners and builders that homes & building techniques need to be “traditional” as well as an attitude that the climate is too harsh to allow for many sustainable design features. In this session we’ll discuss how LDa Architecture & Interiors has been facing these challenges over the last two decades.


Andy joined LDa in 2005, bringing with him a passion for residential architecture and digital project delivery methods. He has been instrumental in adapting technology to fit LDa’s design process to improve project delivery while allowing the focus to stay on the design of intimate, comfortable spaces. His project work has focused on all types of single family residential work as well as corporate office fit-outs and cultural design projects. Whether it’s a small addition/renovation, new construction, or a meeting space for 100 people, Andy seeks to view the project through the end-users eyes while also including elements of sustainable design.