Integrated Project Delivery at E.M. Duggan

Victor Xue LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP - HVAC Coordinator

Dana Griffith - BIM Coordinator/Educator

E.M. Duggan

EM Duggan Logo

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

at 5:00 pm

325 Behrakis

Victor and Dana will discuss the scope of work in two different departments at EM Duggan: the HVAC Coordination Department and the BIM Department. They will also explain how these two departments work collaboratively to deliver projects.

Victor Xue LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP - HVAC Coordinator

Victor got his Master’s Degree in Sustainable Building Systems at Northeastern University. After graduating, he was hired by EM Duggan through third party recruiters. In his spare time, Victor enjoys trying new recipes and cooking all different types of food, and hopes to some day become a chef while continuing his career in sustainability.

Dana Griffith - BIM Coordinator/Educator

Dana completed his Bachelors of Psychology at Keene State, though he’s worked with AEC design programs for as long as he’s been in contact with computers. His work in the construction industry started in 2016, and he moved to E.M. Duggan in late 2017. In his free time, Dana enjoys hiking, rock climbing, or golfing.

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