Proving Yourself Wrong: Truth Seeking vs Confirmation Seeking, with Regards to Sustainable Building


Columbia Construction

Director of Sustainability

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

at 6:00 pm


Does energy efficiency matter? Is recycling good? What is the most sustainable building material? Are people that disagree with you ignorant, insane or stupid (or all three???). In this fractured time when everyone is presumed to be 100% right or 100% wrong, let’s discuss getting comfortable being uncomfortable, being certain that we’re uncertain and do the best we can to manage risks in this imperfect world when we’re dealing with incomplete information and our own mental blind spots.


Over the course of his career, Conor has evolved through a variety of roles in the construction industry, from carpenter to project manager and estimator to the Director of Sustainability. Now leading Columbia’s sustainability initiatives, Conor truly enjoys being involved with projects from start to finish, helping to foster strategies that find the most cost effective construction solutions that meet the owner’s sustainability goals. Following his passion for buildings better projects that account for human health inside the buildings and environmental health beyond the property line, Conor is committed to delivering a substantial value to the owner and project team. His work on Massachusetts’s first Zero Net Energy (ZNE) office building is one of the most significant projects in the history of the state. For Conor it is the first domino of many to come and signifies that a project can inspire and normalize the concept and practice of designing and building ZNE projects.

Conor is all about positive change and growth. His favorite quote is “don’t find fault, find a remedy,” which he tries exemplify in his own life by volunteering his time to good causes like creating a marked lane Bike Network for safer riding and driving in his hometown, or by trying challenging things for fun such as stand-up paddle boarding on the ocean. Spending time with his young family is very important to Conor, and after working hard on renovating his c. 1870 home with his wife, he is looking forward to devoting more time to camping and hiking with his family.

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