Energy Efficiency: Why it Matters & Paths to Employment

Dave Boettcher

Abode Energy Management

Founder & CEO
Abode EM Logo

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

at 5:00 pm

325 Behrakis

We are at a critical moment in human history. Each of us should be aware of the climate crisis, what it means to our future and what we can individually do to slow its impact. Dave is lucky enough to work in the energy efficiency field where he feels good about the work he do on a daily basis – helping educate and drive action among residents of MA. Dave share with NUSBO what Abode Energy Management does, how he got where he is and other impactful job opportunities that exist in the energy efficiency field.


Bringing his passion for big adventure, Dave launched Abode to serve New England families and utilities and make communities more energy efficient. With years of experience as a program administrator and later as a home performance contractor, Dave develops and implements programs that serve all stakeholders in a balanced and equitable way. He has built a team of industry experts who embrace Abode’s potential and share his commitment to building a company based on integrity, transparency, and collaboration.

Regardless of the season, Dave can be found hiking through the New England woods with his wife and kids. He’s always happy to reminisce about hiking the Appalachian Trail, and he’s the only person on the team that can properly fit and tune in skis and snowboards.

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