Lowering Embodied Carbon In Drycast Concrete by Increasing CO2 Sequestration

Heidi Jandris LEED Green Associate

Jandris Block

M.S. Candidate in Sustainable Building Systems

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

at 6:00 pm


CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) use a dry-cast, zero-slump concrete mix. Their unique structure enables accelerated CO2 sequestra­tion, while novel manufacturing technologies introduced are increasing sequestration rates even further while reducing the amount of cement required. In addition to lowering embodied carbon, we will talk about the difference between dry-cast and wet-cast concrete, how and why carbon sequestration happens, and compare the Global Warming Potential of several wall assembly types, with the inclusion of current industry CO2 sequestration rate research.


Heidi Jandris grew up immersed in all things concrete block and worked as a welder before getting her BArch at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. She is currently enrolled in the MSBS program at Northeastern.  She works for her family business as a technical resource provider while researching ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their manufacturing process. Any free time is spent making art with and without her 7 year old daughter.

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