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Rachel White - General Manager & Project Manager

Josy Raycroft - Designer


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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

at 5:00 pm

325 Behrakis
Rachel White - General Manager & Project Manager

Rachel joined the company in 2009 after having hired Byggmeister to renovate her master suite. Rachel started as a consultant helping to develop standards and goals for energy and water use, and indoor air quality and to track these over time.

After she became an employee, Rachel’s role evolved to include project management as well as performance tracking. One of the things that Rachel feels distinguishes Byggmeister is the emphasis on performance. “During project planning we look for opportunities to improve comfort, efficiency, air quality. In other words, we plan to improve performance. Then, once the project is over, we measure how we did and apply the lessons learned to future projects. It’s a virtuous circle.”

In 2018, Rachel assumed the role of General Manager. She currently splits her time between shepherding projects through the planning process and overseeing the company’s operations.

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Josy Raycroft - Designer

Josy has been part of the Byggmeister design team since 2014 when she relocated to the Boston area. After 3 years of graduate architecture school, she worked with the Newton based architecture firm Tise Design Associates and spent time in Western Massachusetts as a residential energy consultant for the Center for EcoTechnology.

She was attracted to Byggmeister because of our “integrity, strong client relationships, and environmentally sensitive approach” and is very excited to be part of a cohesive team. “My past roles as designer and consultant often felt as though I was working on the outside but the design-build model at Byggmeister allows me to be a part of renovation work from the first site visit, through design, all the way through construction.” When she’s not on the job she enjoys biking, playing hockey and spending time outdoors with her three kids.

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