Total Carbon: A Deep Green View of Buildings

Jim Newman

Linnean Solutions

Founder and Principal

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

at 6:00 pm

Ryder 452

Decarbonizing our world is a top priority. How can we do it?

Mr. Newman will take a look at our current building development practices and show a path toward a decarbonized world, with Living Building Challenge, Passive House, Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment, and organic carbon sequestration in landscapes.


Jim Newman is founder and Principal at Linnean Solutions, which provides environmental analytics and benchmarking for corporate, institutional, and municipal clients. Linnean’s work includes resilience analysis and planning, ecosystem services assessment, and life cycle assessment and embodied carbon studies. This work is embodied in Living Building Challenge consulting, EcoDistrict planning and management, and stakeholder engagement processes to strengthen communities. Mr. Newman is a recognized expert in metrics for sustainability including embodied carbon tracking, energy and water tracking, and developing metrics for resilience.

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