Promoting Sustainability in Construction and Design: The Case Against Business as Usual

Michael Orbank LEED GA, WELL AP, CM - Lean

Commodore Builders

Sustainability Lead

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

at 5:30 pm

Blue Jeans Virtual Seminar

Business as usual is not a sustainable option. In the world of construction and design, innovation is sorely needed. A 2015 UN report found that 43% of all worldwide GHG emissions come from the construction and building industry. By moving forward and countering business as usual, daring new concepts, sustainably produced products, and new methods of thought can help to revolutionize one of the world’s “dirtiest” industries. I hope to share with everyone how I see the industry is changing, and how construction and design professionals can partner to tackle climate change in the build environment.


My name is Michael Orbank, the Sustainability Lead for Commodore Builders. I have two undergrad degrees from Northeastern (Bio and Environmental Science) and one graduate degree from Northeastern (Civil Engineering – Construction Management). I was recruited to be an Assistant Project Manager after my graduate co-op and pushed, pushed and pushed the need for a more sustainable focus on construction at Commodore. I live in Watertown and enjoy hiking, the outdoors and walking my dog.

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