Case Studies in Working Landscapes and Living Infrastructure

Jesse Rosenbluth

OMNI Ecosystems

Business Development, Green Infrastructure Technical Services
OMNI Ecosystems Logo

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

at 5:30 pm

110 Hastings


Learn how Omni Ecosystem’s multi-dimensional approach to ecosystem design, implementation, and management leverages new technologies, particularly optimized engineered growing media, in order yo adapt to and mitigate climate change within the built environment.


Jesse Rosenbluth’s role with Omni Ecosystems™ is Business Development, Green Infrastructure Technical Services. His previous work installing Omni systems and managing vendor and subcontractor relationships prepared him to assist clients in every stage of the process, from concept to completion.

Jesse’s work in the field of applied ecology began in the laboratories of Kenyon College where he researched wetland remediation. It continued in Oregon where he worked as an AmeriCorps member with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council before moving to Michigan to start and manage an organic vegetable farm.

When not spreading Living Infrastructure systems throughout the country, you can find him unsuccessfully trying to cajole his dog Griffin into a canoe in the wilderness of New England.

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