Plainfield NH School Deep Energy Retrofit Project

Marc Rosenbaum PE



Wednesday, March 30, 2022

at 6:00 pm

315 Behrakis

The Plainfield School was using 17,000 gallons of fuel oil and over 200,000 kWh annually. A small group of volunteers built a united vision amongst townspeople of a healthy, comfortable, low maintenance, resilient zero net energy outcome, and designed a master plan to get there. The results a decade later show what’s possible.


Marc Rosenbaum, P.E. has studied how to make great buildings for over forty years. He uses an integrated systems design approach to help people create buildings and communities connected to the natural world, supporting both personal and planetary health. Much of his recent work has been Zero Net Energy Buildings, Deep Energy Retrofits and Passive Houses. His work has been recognized nationally by ASHRAE, AIA, EEBA, and NESEA, but they didn’t see all the mistakes along the way.

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