Net Zero Water, Not a Dry Topic

Chris Chamberland PE

Berkshire Design Group

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

at 6:00 pm

335 Shillman Hall

Construction often negatively impacts the natural balance of water cycles. Even regions with historically abundant quantities of potable water are depleting aquifers, while record rainfall provides destructive amounts of storm water. The Living Building Challenge developed the “Net Zero Water” requirement as a response to the growing water crisis. Living Buildings challenge architects and engineers to develop a rigorous technical design, challenge owners to embrace a cultural shift in operations, and challenge regulators to adapt to a new water model.


Chris Chamberland is a civil engineer with The Berkshire Design Group, an award-winning firm of landscape architects, civil engineers and land surveyors specializing in park and recreation design, site planning and commercial development based in Northampton, MA. Recently, Chris has been occupied by the Living Building Challenge’s Net Positive Water imperative, which has required him to find solutions that help his projects clear both technical and regulatory hurdles. Chris has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Notre Dame and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Columbia.