Speaker Series: Daylight Glare Analysis of Three Airports – an introduction to modern day glare control devices

Trisha Rajesh Parekh

Ambient Energy, A Mead & Hunt Company

Sustainability Consultant

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

at 6:30 pm

005 Kariotis

Health and wellness are a hot topic in the architecture and engineering world. One critical piece to a healthy indoor environment is the availability of quality daylight. This presentation will include three case studies of airport projects, design interventions to reduce glare, and industry advancement towards smart glazing options.


Trisha Parekh is a LEED AP and a WELL AP, and works as a Sustainability Consultant at Ambient Energy, a Mead & Hunt Company. At Mead & Hunt, her work includes LEED, WELL, and CHPS rating system facilitation and certification, daylight analysis, and life-cycle assessment. She graduated from Northeastern University with a M.S. in Sustainable Building Systems in 2020 and a B.Arch. from Manipal University in 2015. Her favorite thing about her job is that she gets to impact professionals through education and hopes to be a significant contributor in steering the industry towards sustainability.

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