Passive House Responding to Climate Change with Energy Efficiency

Mike Duclos

DEAP Energy Group

Principal and Founder
DEAP Energy Group Logo

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

at 5:00 pm

105 Shillman Hall

Efforts at mitigating climate change often center on producing lower carbon energy, but Passive House focuses on dramatically reducing the demand for energy. Passive House is an energy efficiency standard created by a German physicist, informed by the distillation of the ‘passive solar experiments’ done in the US in the 1970’s.
Intense energy use reductions are possible at a reasonable first cost, and the Passive House standard emphasizes a high level of comfort, and indoor air quality. Data from ‘net zero energy’ and Passive Houses will be discussed.


The DEAP Energy Group, LLC, a consultancy providing a wide variety of Deep Energy Retrofit, Zero Net Energy and Passive House related consulting services. He is responsible for the design and certification of the second certified Passive House in Massachusetts, and has a number of Passive House projects currently in process.