8- Rick Anderson, Justin Clark, Erin Dillmann and Lindsey Vazquez

We rode the number 4 tram from Grote Marktstraat to Leyenburg around 12 pm.

  1. The total trip time was 11 minutes, 40 seconds. The trip distance was 4.06 km (2.52 miles), which comes out to 20.88 kilometers per hour or 12.96 miles per hour. This is almost twice as fast as the Green Line, which traveled at about 6 miles per hour.
  2. The tram only stopped once at a stoplight for 2 seconds. There were no long stops, only this short stop. The Green Line had many stops at stop lights, all of which lasted over 15 seconds, so none could be considered as short stops.
  3. At one stop it took 17 seconds for 5 people to board the tram, which is 3.4 seconds per person. At another stop it took 13 seconds for 4 people to board, which is 3.25 seconds per person. At a third stop it took 13 seconds for 3 people to board, which is 4.33 seconds per person. The Green Line averaged out to be about 6 seconds per person to board, which is only a few seconds slower.
  4. The service was very efficient, as the tram was only ever stopped at designated stops and did not really got stopped at stop lights.