Sammy – Rotterdam Bicycle Highway

By Sammy Alshawabkeh

The bicycle highway I chose for this assignment was along the Delft-Rotterdam that follows the Delftse Schie Canal. The route itself is very comfortable to ride on, and provides a straight alignment that adds to the comfort of the cyclist. The highway itself provided smooth two cycle tracks for a majority of the route, as well as some rough surface and some space delegated for vehicles in certain areas. Towards the end of the highway, bicycles had to share the road with vehicles which is not ideal for the safety of the cyclist. Known as a service road, this space can be reused to provide either a separate cycle track of bicycle lane in the future.

The highway itself is split into different facilities. We see smooth cycle tracks along the canal itself, and then it is converted to an advisory lane at certain locations.  As I continue riding along the highway, I am forced to use local roads to reach my destination which allows vehicles to share the same space as I did and made riding not as comfortable as before. The road is narrow enough that it enforces drivers to move slowly, however there is not that much space to share with cyclists at the same time. The assignment concludes at the Maas Bicycle Tunnel in Rotterdam.


  • Total Segment Length = 9.5 miles
  • Four stoplights where bikes have to stop
  • Nine grade separated crossing
  • Zero roundabouts


  • 75% Cycle Track
  • 15% Stand-Alone Path
  • 10% On-Street


The segment I rode along is extremely easy and comfortable. Very rarely were signs used to help guide me along the path, as the path was very straightforward. One improvement I would like to make along the highway is near the town Overschie, where this was the most uncomfortable area to ride along due to the roads not being smooth and no longer separated by vehicles. If the space can be converted to provide extra safety and comfortability to the cyclist it can be very successful.

Seeing how everything is integrated and how the highway was designed, it was a pleasure to see the farms along the way and seeing the cows in many areas. Overall, the route I chose was very enjoyable and I would want to see it implemented in the United States.