HW4 Delft Amelia Chen

HW4 Delft Amelia Chen

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  • Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are type of bikeways with lanes that next to the drive lanes.


Site 9

This street is a local street. It serves the residential people, cyclists and cars exit from N473 highway. From a bicyclist perspective, I think this road is not safe enough. Because it doesn’t have buffer on each sides of bike lane. I think it will be better if clear the center line and narrow the center area, then add buffers to each sides between bike lanes and parking lanes.


Site 10

This street is a local street. It is the only north-south arterial road in neighbor. The traffic in this road is busy. It also doesn’t have the buffer on each sides of bike lane. And there are no slow sites on travel lanes. So I think it is not safe. I’d like to take the median out and make buffers between bike lanes and parking lanes.

  • Bike Boulevard

Bike boulevard is a type of bikeway which is mixed with low-speed traffic and gives priority to cyclists.


Site 5

This is a bike blvd in Buitenwatersloot. It serves to residential people. There is not much traffic in this road. Sometimes cyclists just need to ride next to the curb to allow vehicles go through.  So it’s safe and pleasant for bicyclists. Also, there are different paved contraflow bike lanes.

  • Cycle Tracks

Cycle tracks are protected bike lanes. It means there are some vertical elements separate the cycle tracks and travel lanes, like parking lanes, trees or curb.


Site 2

This is a cycle track in Papsouwselaan. In the past, it is a road with 2 lanes per direction. It’s difficult for pedestrians to cross road.  But now, it’s one lane per direction with median in the center. In this way, crosswalk is shortened and double threat is cleared. Pedestrians just need to see one direction when they cross each lane.


Site 3

This is a cycle track in Voorhofdreef. It is bi-direction cycle track  on each side. A green stripe with many trees is between it and travel lane. Therefore it’s so enjoyable and safe to ride on this road.


Site 8

This is a cycle track in Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat. The vehicle speed has reduced from 50km/h before to 40km/h now because of narrow lanes and raised and paved intersections in other places of this road. Also, some traffic lights were removed to make traffic smooth. From cyclist perspective, this road is safe and pleasant.

  • Advisory Lanes

Advisory lanes are bicycle lanes into which motor vehicles may enter where there is a gap in cyclist traffic. Therefore, the line demarcating the bike lane is dashed instead of solid. Generally, a exclusive bike lane is preferable; an advisory bicycle lane should only be used when a exclusive bike lane cannot be used like the streets are too narrow, etc.


Site 7

These are advisory lanes in Westplantsoen and Anna Beijerstraat. The volumes of vehicle are small. The central zone is narrow and no centerline on it can slow the speeds of vehicle. But when I rode bike on these streets I felt not much relaxed because if there are cars coming, I need to next to the parking cars to avoid them.


Site 11

This is a advisory lane in Schimmelpenninck van der Oyeweg. The road of this area is a link between rural road and urban road. So it’s paved and has some elements to slow speed. The traffic volume is really small and the environment around here is beautiful. So cyclists can be enjoyable to ride here.

  • Service Road

Service road is a lesser cars’ volume road parallel to the main road, used primarily by local traffic.


Site 12

This is a service road in Zuidpoldersingel. The service road is a mix traffic road which serves cars and bicycles and is separated by a green barrier with main road.  And volume of vehicles is really small on this road.  Also, there are barriers in each intersections to prohibited cars of main road turn left or right to reduce the conflict with pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Bike Highway

Bike highway is a type of bikeways which is far away from travel lanes and almost doesn’t have intersections.


This bicycle highway near the N470 highway of vehicle. Bike lanes cannot be designed on the highway because it’s too dangerous. So bike highway which is far away from the highway is safe enough. Also, there are no intersections which have conflicts between cars and bikes. And on the other side of bike highway are grassland and agricultural production bases. Therefore it’s relaxed to ride bike on this road.