The NU Club Running team welcomes runners of many levels and experience. If you are wondering if this club is right for you, read through the FAQs below to get more information.

We are part of the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) and USA Track and Field (USATF). We compete with other collegiate clubs and Division 3 varsity teams. If you are a former cross-country and/or track athlete, this club team is right for you! In the fall we compete in both cross country invitationals sponsored by NIRCA and local road races. Race distances range from 5 km road races to 6 km/8 km cross country races to half/full marathons. In the spring we compete in indoor/outdoor track meets and road races. This club is a great way to make friends with people who run at your level.

We celebrate diversity and welcome all backgrounds, religions, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender expressions.

In order to join our club you must be a Northeastern student and complete the following items by the deadline. For the Fall 2019 season all three of these items must be completed on or before September 20th.

1.  You must fill out our Fall 2019 questionnaire.
This signs you up for our official email list, and if you do not complete this then you will not receive any of our emails so please make sure to fill it out!

2.  You must register with us on the NU Club Sports website.

3. Pay dues!
Dues are $50 for members wishing to races, and $20 for those who do not want to race. Dues can be paid in cash in an envelope with your name on it to a captain at practice or online by following these instructions.

Practice is held every weekday, starting at 6 PM and usually ends between 7 – 7:30 PM. We meet in the grassy square between Cabot and Richards Halls. In the spring semester, practices are held at the Reggie Lewis Indoor Track Facility approximately twice a week and at Cabot on the remaining days. Please checkout the practice schedule page to find out when and where practice is each week.

In a given week, practices generally consist of 2 workouts, 2 run outs, and an unofficial run out on Friday. On workout days we usually do a warm up jog over to the Fens track, or down to the river for a workout on the Esplanade. In the fall, workouts are generally longer and geared towards training for the upcoming cross country races (3-5 miles). In the spring, workouts are kept to shorter, faster intervals to train for the shorter track races.

On “run out” days we run various routes around Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods. Check our popular runs page for our most frequent routes! Runs range from 3 – 8 miles, and with each group broken down further based off the different paces members will be running at.

Longer runs on the weekend may also be scheduled by members on our Facebook group, so stay tuned for that.

We ask our members to attend at least 3 practices per week. For races with limited entries, we base our decision on practice attendance in addition to performance.

Dues are $50 if you would like to race with us during the semester. If you are here simply for the fun of it and are not interested in racing, dues are $20. Dues help to cover the cost of race entry fees as well as the cost of our membership in NIRCA.

Dues can be handed in to any of the captains in cash (in an envelope with your name on it) or paid online. More information will be given at the start of each semester, check our Facebook page in early September/January for those updates!

Dues are non-refundable, no exceptions. However, you may chose to pay non-racing dues and upgrade to racing dues at any time throughout the semester.

Many of our runners competed for their high school track and/or cross country teams. Prior racing experience is not a requirement, and we do not hold tryouts, but we strongly recommend having some sort of background in running. As a guideline for our distance team, if you can run 3-4 miles at at least 9 minutes per mile, you are likely prepared enough to join the club (this does not hold true for sprinters). Practices usually start more gradually with slower and shorter runs in the beginning for those returning after a long break or starting with lower mileage, but the club is generally a better fit for those who have run before, as our team continues to become increasingly competitive in the collegiate running club community.

We run various routes along the Charles River, throughout the Emerald Necklace (The Commons, the Fens, Jamaica Pond), and downtown. Visit our popular runs page to see mapped out version of many of our common routes and distances.



Vinny Castronuovo


Alex Knueppel


Rose McDonnell

Vice President

Kathryn McCarthy

Distance Captain

Brandon Onyejekwe

Sprint Captain

Caroline Meehan


Anthony Cusato

Sports Information Director