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Welcome club sports executives to the club sports compliance home page. Here you will find easy links and updated information for yearly club sports compliance submissions. From monthly ledgers to nationals proposals, all club sports forms and submissions can be found here.  Please click this link for access to the Club Sports Executives Sharepoint or use the forms section below!




The Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent form acknowledges that there is inherent risk involved with participation in club sports, and must be signed by every member of the Northeastern Club Sports program.

Deadlines associated:

If a computer or web services are not present during a tryout provide the student with a hard copy of the Risk and Hazing Form.  That student will then need to follow up with the online DSE registration after the tryout.

  • Description:

    Payment for plane tickets can be arranged in advance by setting up using the Lucid Login or booking directly through a 3rd party/airline, and meeting with the club sports office. Executives will reserve all flights, once completed Club Sports Staff will complete the payment on the Club Sports credit card. The charges will be billed directly to the club’s index.

  • In order to request flights to be booked outside of Lucid, executives must set up an in-person meeting with the Club Sports Office.
  • Lucid now manages flight reservations. This should be your first method of reservation instead of booking directly through an airline
  • Only the Club Sports Office is permitted to utilize the Club Sports credit card
  • Executives should be aware of the airline’s cancellation policy, which will be reflected on the team account

    Deadlines associated:

    Airfare requests through Lucid or external sites must be submitted at least one month in advance of the travel date. The sooner plane tickets are booked, generally the cheaper the flight will be, so the sooner the better.


The budget template was created to help you and your team when planning/budgeting for the upcoming year. This will help you think of potential costs and brainstorm ways to cover these costs.

How Do I submit an annual budget?

All Club Sports Executives must submit an annual budget at the beginning of each academic year. Annual budget’s will be submitted into the microsoft form below.

  1. Click on the Annual Budget Form
  2. Upload Ledger

Deadlines associated:

A completed template must be turned in to the club sports office by the Compliance Deadline each year. A specific date will be announced by the Club Sports Office. 


All apparel, uniforms, and branding must be approved by the Club Sports Office. Reference the Branding Guide for all branding policies and procedures.

New in 2018, all Club Sports will be included in the new Athletics partnership with Under Armour, which includes discounts and updated university-wide branding. This is a very exciting new policy that ties the whole sports community at Northeastern (varsity, club, and intramurals) into one collective unit. Clubs will be able to use Northeastern’s 45% discount on Under Armour products listed in the UA Catalogs, and will have gear/apparel that matches varsity in all but the team name.

New policies in place due to this partnership:

  • On all apparel and uniforms the word “Club” must be included (e.g. Club Softball, Club Rugby, Club Powerlifting)
  • Moving forward, all gear and apparel orders must be made through Under Armour after a gear/apparel request has been submitted and approved by the Club Sports Administrators
  • Club Sports and Athletics are aware of the financial burden this may have on clubs as it comes out of club specific accounts. That being said, there will be a phase out period for current gear (jerseys, shorts/pants, cleats, etc.). This means that within the next 2 years, any and all gear must be Under Armour (exceptions are only if UA does not make the sports gear yet)
  • If Under Armour does not make a specific item, current policies are still in effect, a request must be made to the Club Sports Administrators in which they will assist and approve an alternative
    • No major competitors will be approved (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Warrior, etc.)
    • Just because it is not shown in the catalogs, does not mean they do not make it! If you are looking for something specific, whether it be apparel or gear, contact Club Sports and we will assist in finding out!

Before purchasing executives must:

  • Contact Club Sports to request to complete an order (for gear and/or apparel)
  • Request a “Mock Up” from Under Armour for branding approval
  • Forward the “Mock Up” to the Club Sports Administrators for approval
  • Once approved, complete the order by submitting the Direct Pay request to Club Sports or email the Office for potential use of the Club Sports pro-card

If a submitted mockup does not comply with the rules outlined in this guide, it will be denied. 

Deadlines associated: N/A

Direct Pay

Direct Pay Forms are used to request payment for things such as services, performer payments, or purchases from vendors. Payment will be made in the form of a Northeastern University check.  Keep in mind the following information when using this form:

There is a new way to submit DPay Requests:  

Instructions linked HERE

** The Student Activities Business Office reserves the right to deny payment for goods/services that are not clearly identified by official documentation. 

Submit using this link: 







  • Amounts over $1,000 require a longer time to process because the signatures of two University officials are required.
  • Multiple reimbursements to one individual can be grouped together on one form.  When paying a vendor directly, there should be one invoice or contract per Direct Pay Form.
  • Checks made payable to an individual for a service provided, or to a vendor for rental of a facility, requires an original approved University contract.
  • Only fill in the social security number field if you are paying an individual for services provided.
  • If a purchase order initiated the purchase of merchandise, fill in the purchase order number in the PO box.
  • The group Financial Advisor must sign the Direct Pay Form (CS OFFICE)
  • Provide a contact name and phone number in case there are any questions.
  • A W9 is needed if the company/individual has not been paid by a Northeastern group before 

** The Student Activities Business Office reserves the right to deny payment/reimbursement for goods/services that are not clearly identified by official documentation.


This Donations Page is a link to Northeastern’s online giving portal where donations can be made directly to your club team account. This link can be given to friends/family/other supporters that wish to donate to your team.

Deadlines associated: N/A

A Facility Request Form must be submitted by a club’s executive board in order to secure field and facility times for practices throughout the semester or game/event requests. Practice requests must be filled out prior to each team’s season, ensuring enough time to make necessary accommodations. A Game, Tournament, or Special Event Request must be made within the approved time frame included in the club sports handbook.

**Marino Center requests must be sent to the Club Sports Office

Practice Requests

A Practice Request Form must be submitted by a club’s executive board in order to secure field and facility times. It must be submitted to the Club Sports Office prior to each team’s season, ensuring enough time to make necessary accommodations.

All practice facility request forms are due the previous semester i.e. Spring 2018 is due Fall 2017 and Fall 2018 is due Spring 2018. For the purpose of scheduling and contracts, the earlier a team submits their request, the more likely they are to receive their preferred venue(s) and time(s).

Game, Tournament & Special Event Requests

A Game, Tournament, & Special Event form must be submitted by a club’s Eboard member for each event in order to possibly secure field and facility times for the desired event requested. It must be submitted to the Club Sports Office before the necessary dates and times included in the club sports handbook or requested events may not be accommodated. Your request must include all details about the event to be considered for approval.

This form should be submitted for each of the following:

  • Desired game event
  • Desired tournament event
  • Special events (i.e. alumni game/hosting of a tournament)

Please note that the Club Sports Office does its best to try and accommodate each team’s event request. It is in the best interest of each club’s executive board to offer multiple fields and times where they can hold the desired event.

  • Home Events – Clubs must submit requests at least one month prior to the scheduled event.
  • Away Events – Clubs must submit requests at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.
    • If a club would like to request an athletic trainer, they must submit their request at least one month prior to the event.


A fundraising request form must be submitted for EVERY fundraiser performed throughout the year.  Clubs must receive approval from the Club Sports Office and the Student Activities Office in order to proceed with planning and acting on the proposed fundraiser.

Deadlines associated:

Fundraising proposals must be submitted for approval a minimum of 3 weeks before the proposed date.


The attached Hazing Statue Acknowledgment form is a copy of the Massachusetts hazing statute, and must be signed by every member of the Northeastern Club Sports Program.

Deadlines associated:

If a computer or web services are not present during a tryout provide the student with a hard copy of the Risk and Hazing Form.  That student will then need to follow up with the online DSE registration after the tryout.


New in 2017, hotel requests (unless mandated otherwise by your governing body) should be made through our new partner, Lucid Travel. This allows for e-board members to specifically select a hotel, number of rooms, names on the rooms, etc. and submit a real-time request to our office to review. If approved, we enter in the payment/billing information and complete the transaction. Each team will have their own account, and Lucid facilitates up to a 3% rebate on the price of the reservation to be infused into your Lucid Travel account for future hotel savings, or transferred (upon your request) into the club’s general operating account.


Accessing Your Team’s Account:

Use the link above to book hotels for your teams. It consolidates rates from top travel sites so you can find the lowest possible rate.

    • Once a hotel is selected, click the drop down menu next to department and select “Club Sports.” Then choose your club in the next drop down menu
    • Complete all Guest Details
    • On the booking page, select the option to “Send to admin for approval and payment” and provide either Nick, Chelsey or Drew’s email address
      • This will send the request directly to CS staff to complete payment
    • Use this link to book travel whenever possible. It automates the receipt process for us and keeps everything organized, in once place

When selecting rooms, ensure you are putting the correct amount of guests in each room!

Ensure you are choosing rooms that specify 2 double/Queen beds (only), not 2 double OR 1 king!

*If issues arise with Lucid Travel (technical difficulties, etc) – Payment for hotel rooms can be arranged in advance by reaching out to the Club Sports office and booking an in person meeting. If a hotel is booked outside of Lucid, a Travel Verification Form should be filled out. 

Deadlines associated:

Hotel requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. All fees to cover hotel reservations must be covered at least 72 hours before the day of arrival. Hotel cancellations must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival (cancellation fee may apply). Checking in with the hotel to ask for a Credit Card Authorization Form (if not booked with Lucid) should be done 72 hours prior to arrival. 


Use this Injury Report Form to report ANY injury that occurs during any practice, game, fundraiser, etc.

Deadlines associated:

Complete the Injury Report form and notify (email) the club sports office of the injury within 24 hours of the occurrence.


The Treasurer’s Ledger is an ongoing and independent accounting of all debits and credits to your team account. It is important that these are kept up to date in order to help resolve any issues that may arise throughout the year regarding deposits or debits to/from your account.

How Do I submit a ledger?

All Club Sports Executives must submit a ledger each month. Ledger’s will be submitted into the microsoft form below.

    1. Click on the Ledger Submission Form
    2. Upload Ledger

Deadlines associated:

All treasurers must submit an electronic up-to-date copy of their club ledger by the 12th of every month.

All teams intending on participating at their national tournament must complete the Nationals Proposal and Long Trip form and notify the Club Sport office in order to participate or receive additional funding. Additional funding will be determined at the discretion of the Club Sport office. Email the club sports office for more details. The championship proposal should include a narrative review of the season and the impending championship, a proposed budget (fees, hotel, and transportation), travel itinerary details and other pertinent or unique information relating to their attendance at the championship.

Out of Pocket Dues Acknowledgment: 

For any long or expensive trip, each club sport must fill out and have each member sign the Out of Pocket Dues Form. This form outlines the projected out of pocket dues per student. By signing this form each student is acknowledging the estimated out of pocket expectations and will pay the agreed amount to the team account prior to the end of the academic school year. All participants must sign this prior to booking any travel arrangements.


This document explains step-by-step how members can pay dues online through this link. If you wish to see who has paid dues online through this portal at any time throughout the year, contact the club sports office and someone will be happy to give you this information.

Deadlines associated:

Whatever deadlines you wish to set within your club regarding dues due dates.


This is a link to the Club Sports Reimbursement form.

We worked with SABO to create a new reimbursement form. Now the Advisor approval will be auto filled to the Club Sports office. The student approval will also be auto filled to the person who is completing the form. There is also now a field to add the treasurer of your club on the form, this way they are kept in the know on what is being submitted! Lastly, there is a checklist that you will need to complete before getting to the part where you complete the form. This will help the person completing the form to make sure that they have everything ready to go and will also assist with streamlining the reimbursement process! Below is the new link for the reimbursement, it can also be found on the sabo reimbursement voucher website and is listed for Club Sports as “SABO Expense Reimbursement – Club Sports”.

Executives can now look up their team index numbers by using this link. Search by “Group Name” and then type in the name of your club.

Deadlines associated: N/A


As a part of Northeastern University, all club sports teams have 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. Use this link to find a number of documents related to this exemption which may be necessary for your club to have when purchasing or organizing certain things.

Deadlines associated: N/A

Tax Exempt Form

W9 Form

Club Sports Van Reservation Rules and Regulations:

For the 21-22 school year, van reservations will be completed through QReserve. Any van certified club sports member will be able to go into QReserve and reserve university vans on behalf of their team.

When reserving a university van, all club sport participants agree to the rules below:

  • Vans may only be used in the northeast region of the United States
    • Vans may be used from the approved states listed in QReserve
      • States Authorized: MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CT, NY, PA, DE, MD
  • When making a van reservation you must abide by these parameters:
    • Van requests may not be submitted 30 days before the requested date
    • Van requests must be made a minimum of 5 days before the requested date
    • Van requests are not allowed to be changed 3 days prior to the requested date
  • When removing a Van Reservation on QReserve, cancellations need to be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the reserved date or a late cancellation fee/unused van fee will be incurred
    • You must contact the club sports office if you plan on canceling your van reservation 72 hours before your requested date
  • No club sport can book more than 2 vans for a single event
  • No credentialed van driver can book more than 1 van for a single event (if 2 vans are needed for pick up at the same time, the club must have 2 different credentialed drivers make 2 individual reservations)
Creating an Account on QReserve
  1. Go onto the QReserve site
  2. Click on existing membership
  3. If needed, select sign in with partner (seen under log in)
  4. Search for Northeastern University vans
  5. Log in using your Northeastern email and password
  6. Click on Northeastern vans
  7. Edit your profile on the right of the page (should be in red) where it asks for your NU ID and enter that information
  8. Select Reservation calendar in the top right-hand corner
  9. Select create reservation and follow prompts
  10. Rachael will follow up with approval status via email

Requirements to Become Van Certified

Each van must be driven by a person holding a Northeastern University Van Driver Certificate. This requires:

  1. Must be 21 years or older
  2. A valid copy of your driver’s license (DL)
  3. Copy of your driving record (from the state the DL is issued) with three years of clean driving record
  4. Certificate of Completion for the “Online Van Certification” (see below for instructions) 
  5. Then book your “van certification driver test”
    • Once you have obtained copies of documents from steps 2, 3 and 4, please upload your documents into DSE. You must upload these documents into DSE whether you have been approved as a driver or not. 

Parker Driving School Van Certification

  • Club Sports students are required to complete van training through Parker Driving School. Parker Driving School is located at 21 Parker Drive, Unit A Avon, Massachusetts 02322. The Club Sports office will offer opportunities for club sports students to be trained throughout the semester.
    • It is the responsibility of the club to ensure they have club members available at those times to be trained if they are interested in having van certified drives for the year.
    • Instructions are sent by the Assistant Director of Club Sports on how to sign up for van trainings throughout the semester.
  • All van certification information must be entered into DSE to be considered a van certified driver.

Online Van Certification

In order to obtain a Northeastern University Van Driver Certificate, those looking to be certified must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. First-time users should select the option to Register Now on the right side of the screen.
  3. Create a username and provide information for a user profile.
  4. Be sure to enter a valid email address & correct role at your institution (Student!)
    • Please contact your training administrator if you are unsure of your role
  5. Select the department and position that is most applicable to you
  6. Enter this institution registration code: 0628-SC37-XY12.
  7. After clicking Register, you should receive an email with a temporary password
  8. Follow the link in the email to sign on.
  9. You will be prompted to enter a new password.

After you have completed the test and passed it, print/save the certificate for submission into DSE

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Please download and fill out prior to leaving Campus, and keep it with you until the end of your trip; Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Inform the Club Sport Office of any issues with the van within 24 hours (i.e. low gas, trash in the van, items left behind)

AVIS Van Requests

Please be aware that University Vans are a limited resource. If no University Vans are available, teams will need to rent vans and should submit an AVIS Van Request Form to the Club Sports Office. The cost of all rented vans will be charged to your team account. Please follow up with the Club Sports Office via email to let them know you filled out the form and need a car. 

The AVIS Van Request Form must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the date needed.

If you are involved in an accident, please follow the following steps;

Auto Accidents

In the event an accident occurs the driver should do the following:

  • Do not admit liability to anyone
  • Call NUPD or the local police and file a police report. If filing an accident with the local police department, driver should immediately call NUPD to file a Northeastern report
  • Exchange vehicle information with the other driver – name, address, license number, plate number, year, make, model of car, name of Insurance Company
  • Submit a Motor Vehicle Accident Report immediately to the Club Sports Office
  • If anyone is injured, he/she should additionally file an Injury Report Form with Risk Services

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports and Injury Reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident