The Northeastern University Women’s Powerlifting team (NUWPL) is a student-run organization that is committed to facilitating a safe and motivating atmosphere for the furthering of current and prospective members’ potential powerlifting careers. NUWPL teaches members how to properly execute the three essential lifts in powerlifting: squat, bench, and deadlift. In the fall, the team trains raw to build a foundation for equipped powerlifting. In the spring, the team begins the equipped training cycles in preparation for Collegiate Nationals. Collegiate Nationals is NUWPL’s biggest competition of the year, but the team will also compete in smaller meets throughout the year. NUWPL is also dedicated to promoting drug-free powerlifting in the Northeast region of the United States and across the globe. Joining NUWPL can help prospective members in developing confidence, ambition, and empowerment within themselves, as well as building strength in all aspects of their lives.

In order to be on NUPL you must be a current Full-Time student under the age of 25 (26 for students with prior Military Service) at Northeastern University in good standing both academically and behaviorally. 

No, Northeastern does not offer any scholarships for powerlifting at this time. 

We hold an information session and 2-week long tryouts at the beginning of the Fall Semester each year. If you are interested in trying out, email with your name and ask to be added to the email list in order to receive emails about tryout dates and times. 

We do not only look at strength during tryouts, but rather we look for people who have good attitudes, are willing to learn, and work hard. 

We have practice three times per week for 2 hours each practice during the Fall Semester and 3 hours each practice during the Spring Semester. 

Yes, we spot and load various competitions in the Northeast and you must be available to help work some of these meets, which take place during weekends as well as participate in various other fundraisers. 

NUPL is an equipped powerlifting team. Most of our members have never lifted in equipment before joining NUPL, and our experienced veterans/coaches are great at teaching new members. 

We compete in one raw meet during the Fall Semester, one equipped meet during the Spring Semester, Collegiate Nationals at the end of the Spring Semester, and one raw meet during the summer if possible. 

We do a lot of fundraising to keep the out of pocket costs for our members to a minimum, however, we do require dues to pay for world class coaching, programming, and facilities. You are also responsible for paying your own meet entry fees, including a USAPL membership card, and purchasing your own equipment. 

Dues amounts subject to change. 



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Madison Anton

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