Figure Skating Competes at MIT

The Northeastern University Figure Skating Club participated in intercollegiate competition at MIT this past weekend. NUFSC had its best competition result ever at our last sectional competition of the school year this past weekend! The team placed 6th of the 21 teams competing and had 7 medalists and 9 medals total. Overall, NUFSC ended up

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Good Nerves

By Elizabeth Klemm Nationals. I was going to Nationals. I had talked about it for years and now it was finally here – almost. Just one more week and I would be driving nine hours across cornfields from suburban New Jersey to middle of nowhere Michigan for my first national championships, the 2018 US Collegiate Figure

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The Northeastern Figure Skating Club is a group of passionate figure skaters who come from a wide variety of skating backgrounds and strive to continue their skating career throughout their time as an undergraduate. Skaters come from backgrounds ranging from ice dance, freestyle, and synchronized skating. The team is part of the U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) Intercollegiate Skating Program and competes at the 3 Northeast Sectional Regional Collegiate Competitions with hopes of qualifying for Intercollegiate Nationals. The team practices at Matthews Arena throughout the year, where practices are also attended by our two coaches who offer private lessons. 

NUFSC directs brand-new skaters to the Learn-to-Skate program run by Northeastern Recreation. It is our hope that they can hone their skills and eventually become a full member of the team. Otherwise, NUFSC accepts skaters of varying levels, provided that they own their own skates and are past the level of Learn-to-Skate.

NUFSC currently does not hold tryouts, but there is an application process to join the team for each new school year (or semesterly, if a student is returning in the spring after having been off campus in the fall). The application is geared toward understanding the degree to which prospective members will be able to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to practicing and volunteering, and contribute to a good team atmosphere and dynamic. 

NUFSC practices around four times a week in Matthews Arena, twice in the evening and twice in the morning. We expect our members to practice at least two hours a week, but do try to remain flexible around busy academic schedules.

NUFSC places a high importance in an inclusive and fun team dynamic. Volunteering and team bonding are just as important to us as practicing our skating skills. We go to workout classes around Boston, host team homework nights, participate in Relay for Life, and more.



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