Hello! We are the Northeastern Men’s Club Tennis Team, we have a wide range of players on our team and many different skill levels. We have players who are just looking to play casually during the week and players who are looking to compete with us against other schools in our area! We’ve had very impressive success over the years as we routinely make a trip to the Tennis on Campus national tournament in Orlando, Florida! If you’re interested in joining we have tryouts in the fall and spring semesters, follow us on Facebook at Northeastern University Club Tennis for information regarding tryouts or if you just have a question. See you on the courts!

Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester at the Carter Field Playground courts and Weymouth Club (Fall and Spring respectively). In order to tryout players must attend an information session held the week before. The time and location of these meetings will be posted on our website under News and Updates as well as Prospective Players.

The men’s and women’s teams practice separately once a week and hold mixed practices twice a week. Each member is required to go to their respective practice as well as one mixed practice per week since matches and tournaments are coed. Every match consists of one men’s singles, one women’s singles, one men’s doubles, one women’s doubles and one mixed doubles. For more information about the format check out the official Tennis On Campus site.

The team attends a variety of tournaments throughout the year. To find out more about the tournaments we go to visit our News and Updates page. We make sure that all players interested in participating in these matches get an opportunity to do so. Almost all of the tournaments take place on weekends and transportation is be provided. With the opening of Carter Field Playground on campus, we are now hosting a couple of tournaments per semester.

There is one major tournament that Northeastern hosts at the Weymouth Club; Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is a tournament that began in 2010 and focuses on raising money for a local charity. Teams from all over come to participate and help fundraise. Each year half the funds are sent to Boston Police Department’s Volley Against Violence and The Jester and Pharley Phund. Both organizations are extremely close to our hearts, and we are proud to host the 9th annual Midnight Madness tournament in Spring 2019.



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