News: 2017 - 2018

The Huskies headed down to Brown for the Coed Championship this weekend for the last regatta of the spring 2018 season. 

Co-ed Dinghy Championship @ Brown

The Northeastern Sailing Team wrapped up another great season this weekend in Rhode Island for the Co-ed NEISA Championship hosted by Brown University. The 18 best teams in NEISA battled it out for the chance to qualify for the ICSA National Championship. Although the Huskies weren’t able to get into the top 8 to qualify, they still gained priceless experience going up against some of the best sailors in the country. Saturday featured sunny skies and a building sea-breeze out of the South with medium-size waves to contend with. Sunday started light and rainy, but after a morning of drifting around, a relatively steady 5-8 knots filled in out of the West and the sun came out. Overall, 14 well-run races were completed over the two days. Jackson Hamilton and Jackie Berlin held their own in A-division all weekend, while skippers Camille Matile, Kurran Singh, and Kyle Riggs, along with crews, Katie Alfond, John Hughes, and Becker Ewing all rotated through B-division. All of the Huskies are looking forward to a great summer of sailing so we can come back better than ever in the fall!

The Huskies ended their 2017-2018 competitive season at NAIGC Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas. On vault, Dani scored a 9.225 (8th), Bree scored an 8.9, and Abbe scored an 8.15. Bars, a typically challenging event for Northeastern, went very successfully at the meet after a long season of training and improvements. Dani scored a 9.35, Bree scored an 8.8, and Abbe scored an 8.775. Julia, Tess, Kate, Jess, and Katherine also competed bars for the Huskies. On beam, Dani’s 9.175 earned her 5th place and Abbe’s 8.85 earned her 10th. Julia also scored an 8.7, contributing to the team score for this event. Megan,  Bree, Jess, Quincy, and Emma also competed beam in Fort Worth. Floor was the team’s strongest event. Tess (9.375), Quincy (9.35), and Dani (9.3) had the top scores for the team. High scores also came from Julia, Bree, Abbe, Cara, and Erica.

A fifth place finish in the Level 8 preliminaries left the team just shy of the finals competition, but Northeastern was represented on Day 2 by Quincy (FX), Tess (FX), and Dani (AA). Quincy’s 9.55 earned her a tie for 9th place and Tess’ 9.475 was good for 12th. Dani scored a very impressive 36.05 and placed 11th out of all Level 8 gymnasts, including a 4th place finish on balance beam.

The team also got to enjoy Fort Worth’s food and tourist sites. We visited the iconic honky tonk Billy Bob’s, the Stockyards National Historic District, and Sundance Square entertainment district. In addition, the team ate its way around Texas, complete with tacos and barbecue. The highlight, however, was definitely taking full advantage of the mechanical bull for a truly authentic Texas experience. Overall, we had an absolutely amazing time in Fort Worth, and are already gearing up for next year’s competition in Daytona, Florida! See you next season!

The Northeastern Powerlifting team competed in Collegiate Nationals this April, in College Station, Texas.

The -83kg lifters began the second day of competition, and Nicholas Magnotti, Daniel Fisher, Nicholas Fresneda, Reese Hui and Adel Attari represented the Huskies. Nicholas Magnotti finished 13th in the country with a 240 kg (530 lb) squat, 185 kg (408 lb) bench, and a 210 kg (464 lb) deadlift. Daniel Fisher secured 17th with a 235 kg (519 lb) squat, 152.5 kg (337 lb) bench, and a 220 kg (486 lb) deadlift. Nicholas Fresneda, Reese and Adell all competed in their first nationals. Most notably, Nicholas squatted 245 kg (541 lb), Reese easily deadlifted 220 kg (486 lb), and Adel squatted 187.5 kg (414 lb). Reese, Nicholas Magnotti, Daniel Fisher, and Nicholas Fresneda all qualified for nationals again next year.

To begin the third day of competition, John Goodyear and Alex Bruskin led the -93 kg lifters to an outstanding performance. John squatted an impressively fast 272.5 kg (600 lb) that left the team wanting more. He also benched 185 kg (408 lb), and deadlifted 245 kg (541 lb). Alex Bruskin also capped off his performance with a 245 kg (541 lb) deadlift, placing the lifters 9th and 13th in the country.

Will Spencer and Benny Chen also competed in their first nationals this year. Both ended their meets with impressively fast 230 kg (508 lb) and 227.5kg (501 lb) deadlifts. Benny also posted an over 400 wilks for the first time in his career. The third day of competition ended with Anthony Ramadei finishing 10th in the -105kg class. Anthony finished his second to last nationals with a 265 kg (585 lb) squat, 150 kg (330 lb) bench, and a 220 kg (486 lb) deadlift.

The final day of competition wrapped up with the -120 kg and 120+ kg weight classes. Northeastern took home 1st, 10th and 11th with Wesley Knox, Louie Liu and Will Queen respectively.

Wesley competed in primetime at collegiate nationals, and finished his collegiate career by winning by an impressive 30 kilograms. He  secured the win with a 340 kg (751 lb) squat and 282.5 kg (624 lb) deadlift. Louie and Will hit impressive numbers themselves, totaling 700 kg (1547 lb) and 672.5 kg (1486 lb) respectively. Lastly, Mike Khalil, the team’s only super heavyweight, secured the team’s overall placement in his first collegiate nationals. Mike finished fifth in the 120+ kg weight class, totaling 597.5 kg (1320 kg).

Overall, the men’s team finished 6th in the country, their best placement in the past few years. The team is looking forward to what’s in store for next year, as they plan to build off of the foundation set at this year’s nationals.

The women’s team brought a total of eleven competitors, and put together an incredible performance, with eight top ten finishes and two top three finishes. This placed the Northeastern women’s team 4th in the nation.

 Kate Driscoll, the current president, put together an incredible performance in the 72 kg weight class, competing during prime time, and placing second. She opened strong with a 190 kg (419 lbs) squat, and took 10 kg jumps. Her first two popped up but her last squat of 210 kg (463 lbs) was a little too heavy. She made all of her benches look easy, opening up at 110 kg (243 lbs), moving to 117.5 kg (259 lbs), and finishing strong with 122.5 kg (270 lbs). Deadlift was where it got interesting. She opened with a strong 180 kg (397 lbs), and moved to 190 kg (419 lbs). After her second deadlift she had secured a second place finish and decided to try for first. She put 210 kg (463 lbs) on the bar which would have given her the gold, but it was just a bit too heavy. In the end she came away with an impressive total of 512.5 kg and a Wilks of 507.89, making her the only one on the team with a Wilks over 500. She achieved PBs in everything, squat, bench, deadlift, and total, and this was an amazing way for her to end her last Collegiate Nationals.

Moriah Buckwalter, our vice president, put together a strong performance, placing fourth in the 84+ kg weight class. Her squats were strong, opening up at 207.5 kg (457 lbs), moving up to 215 kg (474 lbs), and finishing out strong at 222.5 kg (491 lbs) for a 7.5 kg PB on squat. She opened her bench with 107.5 kg (237 lbs) which flew off her chest. She then moved to 115 kg (254 lbs), which looked just as fast, and finished otu with 122.5 kg (270 lbs), where she couldn’t quite lock out her right arm. She finished with a strong 115 kg. Deadlift was a bit more difficult. She opened with 162.5 kg (358 lbs). She then moved to 172.5 kg (380 lbs), which she missed twice. She lost the second one right at the top and couldn’t get the third past her knees. She put together an impressive total of 500 kg, with a Wilks of 407.4 and a fourth place finish. This was her last Collegiate Nationals.

 Shannon Croatto also managed to put together a top ten performance, placing ninth in the 84 kg weight class. Her squats were strong and controlled, opening with 175 kg (386 lbs) which she sunk very deep, moving to 187.5 kg (413 lbs) which was very controlled, and finishing with 200 kg (441 lbs) which she couldn’t quite get out of the hole. She ended with 187.5 kg, a huge 17.5 kg PB. She had some difficulty on bench. Her opener of 85 kg (187 lbs) was called on up and down motion at the chest. She came back on her second try and made it nice and smooth. She then put 92.5 kg (204 lbs) on the bar, but it got off balance right as she was about to lock it out. Despite her issues on bench, she came back strong on deadlift. She opened at 155 kg (342 lbs) and moved to 165 kg (364 lbs), both of which flew off the ground. She put 172.5 kg (380 lbs) on the bar for her last attempt, which she got off the ground but was not able to lock out fully. Her 165 kg lift was a 2.5 kg PB. She ended up with a 437.5 kg total, which is a 15 kg total PB, and a Wilks of 406.96. This was a strong finish for her last Collegiate Nationals.

Tina Zheng did not do as well this Nationals as she had hoped. Squats made for a rough start, missing 185 kg (408 lbs) three times. On the first and second she couldn’t get out of the hole. On the third she made it up, but got called on depth. Despite being out of the meet, she came back out for bench, opening up with 92.5 kg (204 lbs) which flew off her chest. She then put 100 (220 lbs) kg on the bar but got out of the groove of her shirt and dumped the bar towards her face. She came back on the third attempt and got it up. She came back out for deadlift and made 150 kg (331 lbs) and 160 kg (353 lbs) look easy. Her last attempt at 167.5 kg (369 lbs) didn’t make it past her knees.

Morgan Stahl had an amazing day, placing seventh in the 63 kg weight class and setting a new Collegiate American record for bench. She opened up strong in squats, sinking 140 kg (309 lbs) deep and standing up fast. She went to 150 kg (331 lbs) which also moved well, but got stuck half way up at 160 kg (353 lbs). Her 150 kg squat was a 7.5 kg PB. Bench is where she really stood out. She opened with 115 kg (254 lbs) which looked like a warm up, jumped to 122.5 kg (270 lbs), setting a Collegiate American record, and then bumped it up to 125 kg (276 lbs) to really make the record her own. This was also a 7.5 kg PB for the incredible bencher. She finished the meet well with her deadlifts, opening up with 130 kg (287 lbs). She missed 137.5 kg (303 lbs) on her second due to up and down motion, but came back out on her third try and picked it up easily. Overall, she totalled 412.5 kg, a 12.5 kg PB, with a Wilks of 443.56. We can only imagine the numbers she will be able to put up next year.

Audrey Friedman competed in her first Collegiate Nationals, and managed to place tenth in the 84+ kg weight class. She opened up strong with squats. She stood up 145 kg (320 lbs) and 155 kg (342 lbs) with no problem. She also got 162.5 kg (358 lbs) up, but got called on depth. She continued her pace on bench, opening with 92.5 kg (204 lbs) which moved easily, moving to 102.5 kg (226 lbs), and missing 107.5 kg (237 lbs). For deadlifts she opened with 145 kg (320 lbs) which flew off the floor, moving to 157.5 kg (347 lbs), and just missing 167.5 kg (369 lbs). She ended up totaling 415 kg with a Wilks of 361.51, and set PBs in everything.

Lauren Martires also did very well at her first Nationals, placing sixth in the 57 kg class. She opened up squats with 125 kg (276 lbs) which she hit easily, moved up to 132.5 kg (292 lbs) which she fought through, and missed 137.5 kg (303 lbs) at the bottom. Bench went smoothly, hitting 52.5 kg (116 lbs), following it with 57.5 kg (127 lbs), and finishing out strong with 62.5 kg (138 lbs). Deadlifts also went well, opening up with an incredibly easy 122.5 kg (270 lbs). Her second attempt at 132.5 kg (292 lbs) got called on up and down movement, but she came out and got it easily on her third attempt. Overall, she totalled 327.5 kg, with a Wilks of 384.85.

Christine Taing competed in her first Nationals in the 47 kg weight class. Squats did not go the way she wanted, missing 115 kg (254 lbs) on all three attempts. She did well in bench, opening with 60 kg (132 lbs), moving easily to 65 kg (143 lbs), but lost control of the bar at 67.5 kg (149 lbs). Deadlifts went very smoothly, opening with 100 kg (220 lbs), moving to 110 kg (243 lbs), and finishing with 120 kg (265 lbs). She made them all look easy despite lifting nearly three times her bodyweight.

Kit Ying Lam competed in her first Nationals and her first equipped meet, managing to take ninth place in the 72 kg weight class. She opened up squats strong with 150 kg (330 lbs). Her second attempt at 160 kg (353 lbs) was called on depth and she missed her last attempt at 165 kg (364 lbs). Bench went much better. She opened up at 80 kg (176 lbs), and easily moved up to 87.5 kg (193 lbs) and 95 kg (209 lbs), making the last attempt look easy and like she could have done more. Deadlifts also went well, opening easily with 152.5 kg (336 lbs), continued well with 165 kg (364 lbs), but couldn’t get 177.5 kg (391 lbs) past her knees. For her first and last Nationals, she totalled 410 kg with a Wilks of 414.55, securing her placing in the top ten.

Sarah Yaffe finished out her first Nationals, placing 12th in the 72 kg category. She came out for her first squat at 140 kg (309 lbs) but got called on up and down motion. She came out to hit 140 kg (309 lbs) and 150 kg (330 lbs) smoothly on her next two attempts. She opened bench with 80 kg (176 lbs), missed 85 kg (187 lbs) on the second try, but adjusted her form and ground out 85 kg (187 lbs) on her last try. Deadlifts went well, opening with 130 kg (287 lbs), moving easily to 137.5 kg (303 lbs), and powered through 142.5 kg (314 lbs) to finish the meet off strong. She ended up totaling 377.5 kg with a Wilks of 372.63, setting PBs in everything.

The women’s team is incredibly proud of everyone who competed and is excited to see what we can achieve in the year ahead. 

The weather finally started to warm up along the New England coast this weekend and the Huskies competed in three regattas at CGA, MIT and SHU. 

Reed Trophy @ CGA

The Lady Huskies headed down to the Coast Guard Academy this weekend for the NEISA Women’s Championships. While the weather was warm, wind conditions throughout the weekend were shifty, ranging from 0 – 15 knots and constantly coming out of different directions. This made it difficult for the race committee to get off races. Saturday was a long day , with the last racing starting just before 6:00 pm.  A division was able to get off 8 races, and B division completed 7. On Sunday, conditions were less cooperative and while A division was able to complete two additional races, only one of them counted toward the final score, as B division was only able to complete two races, making the total number of races for each division 9. Husky sailors Camille Matile, Katie Alfond, Carolyn Corbet, Annie Wieland, Victoria Pajak, Kelley Phippen, Ellie Reagan and Julia Boll faced some tough competition this weekend against some of the best women sailors in New England.  While the team did not get the results they were hoping for, the regatta served as a great opportunity for the sailors to get experience competing at a higher level of competition. 

Boston Dinghy Cup @ MIT

The Huskies were finally blessed with some warmth and blue skies all weekend on the Charles River.  Sailors John Hughes, Kurran Singh, Becker Ewing, Kyle Riggs, Jacqueline Berlin, and Jackson Hamilton faced tactically tough conditions both days, with wind speeds jumping between 0 and 20 kts and quick shifts of up to 60 degrees.  Despite the need for many course changes, 10 races were completed in each of the three divisions.  The Huskies recorded several top 5 finishes in each division, but slipped out of the top ten by just 1 point at the end of Sunday, taking 11th overall.

Priddy @ SHU

There were 10 boats at Sacred Heart on Saturday at the Priddy freshman regatta, and the race committee hoped to get off 10 races by 5:00. The weather was beautiful on Long Island Sound and the wind was strong almost all day, but made two 90 degree shifts, which caused delays as it took a while to adjust the course. That being said , the race committee was only able to complete 8 races. The fleet was pretty distinctly divided, with Northeastern, Rhode Island, and Tufts finishing top 4 every race. The name of the game was getting away from other boats as soon as possible and maintaining your momentum in SHU’s wide and heavy FJs. Husky sailors Caleb Niles and Carter Brock  finished 3rd, 9 points behind 2nd but 7 points ahead of 4th.

Although racing was cancelled on Sunday due to bad weather conditions, the Huskies sailing at both regattas had an exciting day of racing on Saturday. 

Oberg @ Northeastern

On Saturday, Northeastern hosted the Oberg regatta at MIT and the Huskies entered two teams. Team 1 was comprised of Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Kurran Singh, John Hughes, Kyle Riggs, and Becker Ewing and Team 2 consisted of Caleb Niles, Julia Boll, Ben Palmer, Jules Mozzier, Connor O’Neill, David Zymba, and Liz Silva. In addition to the sailors, a pack of Huskies helped to run the regatta with Carter Brock, Donal Ryan, and Greg Corsello on the finish boat; Zachary Bresnick, Romain Astie, and Will Crane on the mark boat; Coleen Ross, Claire Lockard, and alumnus Zach Shapiro helping out on the dock; and Coach Jonathan Farrar running races. The racing started in a tame 8-10 knot breeze from the east, which steadily built throughout the day. Coach Farrar ran 10 long races in each of the three divisions on Saturday, and the decision was made to cancel racing on Sunday due to weather at the end of the day. Both Husky teams faced tough competition throughout the day with Team 1 earning a 7th place finish and Team 2 earning a 15th place finish at the regatta. Highlights from the regatta included some delicious burgers cooked by Will Crane and support by recent alumni and parents who showed up to cheer on the Huskies on this bitter cold New England Saturday. 

President’s Trophy @ BU

On Saturday, the lady huskies braved a strong and chilly easterly at Boston University. Camille Matile and Katie Alfond started the team off strong with a bullet in the first race of the day. Carolyn Corbet with Annie Wieland and Kelley Phippen in B division followed her lead finishing first in her division. Victoria Pajak and Ellie Reagan finished the last A division set helping NU earn second place overall. The team looks forward to keeping the momentum up as we head into Reed next weekend. On Sunday, sailing was cancelled due to low temperatures and high winds.

The Huskies got some great experience both team and fleet racing this weekend at Tufts and UCONN. 

Mystic Lake Team Race @ Tufts

This weekend, the team sent sailors Kyle Riggs, Becker Ewing, Zach Bresnick, Kelley Phippen, Ben Palmer, Connor O’Neill, Caleb Niles, Julia Boll, David Zymba and Jules Mozzer to the Mystic Lake Team Race hosted by Tufts. On Saturday, the Huskies raced 9 other teams in a full round robin on Mystic Lake. The wind averaged at about 10 knots, but was very shifty throughout the day, making it challenging to adjust to the conditions.  The Huskies were able to secure victories against Harvard, MIT, and both Tufts teams, leaving them tied for 6th place with BU at the end of the first day. On Sunday, the Huskies started the day with a sail-off against BU for a spot in the top 6. However, the lighter wind conditions created challenges for the Huskies and the team finished the regatta in 9th place. 

Tyrell @ UCONN

On Sunday, the Huskies sailed at UCONN for the Tyrell Trophy. The day started off with a shifty 15 knot northwest breeze, which eventually died down and shifted to the west. The fleet sailed until about 3 pm, with each division finishing off 6 races. A Division sailors Carolyn Corbet and Annie Wieland, and B Division sailors Ian Campbell and Liz Silva enjoyed a great day of racing, with impressive results that only improved throughout the day. Though the team suffered from a DSQ in the first race due to a protest, the Huskies maintained top 5 finishes for the rest of the day and finished off strong with four bullets in the last races.

On April 6th, 2018, NEU Club Taekwondo competed at the Taekwondo National Collegiate Championships in Washington DC. Congratulate to everyone who competed! You guys represented our club with outstanding performance!

Andrew Hurd 2nd place team trials; 3rd place black belt championship in poomsae
Melissa Chen National Collegiate Champion in sparring (2ND TIME WOO HOOOOOO)
Nicole Brossi 3rd place poomsae
Robert Toby Bronze medalist in sparring
Nouf Almutairi Bronze medalist in sparring

The Huskies sailed in challenging conditions at both Tufts and URI this weekend. 

 Camel Team Race @ Tufts

On Saturday morning the Huskies at the Camel Team Race had relatively nice team racing breeze at 5-10 knots. Sailors Carolyn Corbet, Annie Wieland, Caleb Niles, Julia Boll, David Zymba, Liz Silva, and Ellie Reagan sailed Larks in typical Mystic Lake conditions. It was extremely shifty and the wind filled in in the afternoon with gusts over 15 knots. Sunday we had 3 races against Dartmouth in fairly heavy but inconsistent air. The Huskies were challenged by the shifts, but felt like their team racing and boat handling in Larks improved over the course of the weekend.

Central 3 @ URI

At Central 3, hosted by University of Rhode Island, several of Northeastern’s newer Huskies were given the opportunity to compete. On day one, the morning brought no wind and little fanfare. Fortunately, conditions improved in the afternoon and the Huskies completed eight hard fought races in a consistent 18 knots of southern breeze. Day two brought pressure from the get go with an early 20 knots of wind and puffy, unpredictable conditions. Carnage ensued for many teams but Northeastern sailors remained upright, and the day concluded after only two races due to the punishing weather. Carter Brock, Ellie Reagan, Claire Lockard, Will Crane, Kelley Phippen and Ben Palmer are all excited to apply this heavy wind experience in upcoming regattas.

The Huskies traveled to two regattas this weekend in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

 Staake @ Connecticut College

Sailors Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Kurran Singh, John Hughes, Kyle Riggs, Becker Ewing, Marika Van Dusen, Connor O’Neil, and Eleanor Grams traveled down to Connecticut College for the Staake Team Race this weekend. The wind on Saturday was light and variable, which made for excellent team racing conditions. On that day, the Huskies went 4-10 through 2 7/8 rounds. Sunday made for more challenging conditions as the wind and current picked up. On that day, the Huskies went 1-5 to finish 5-15 on the weekend and earn a 5th place finish in the regatta. The Huskies gave a solid showing in some tough conditions!

Central 2 @ MSM

On Saturday, sailors Ben Palmer, Jules Mozzer, Carter Brock, and Kelley Phippen competed in the one day regatta hosted by Massachusetts Maritime Academy. There were alternating gusts and lulls for most of the race, with the huskies taking advantage of the lifts and headers on the upwinds. Boat speed was optimal and the huskies finished midfleet, with only a couple points separating them from the leading boats and a whoping gap of 15 points between them and the bottom half of the fleet.

Some cold conditions did not stop the Huskies at MIT and CGA this weekend! 

 Geiger Team Race @ MIT

The huskies did a great job sailing in the second weekend of the season. Tons of wind on Saturday made for challenging but exciting team racing, with the Huskies going 3 and 2 on Saturday. Sunday made for more challenging conditions with temperatures in the mid-20s and ice forming on boats. We ended the day in 5th place. Some highlights for sailors Jackson Hamilton, Jackie Berlin, Kurran Singh, John Hughes, Kyle Riggs, Becker Ewing, Ian Campbell, and Ben Palmer included fast sailing  and well executed mark traps.  

Vietor Fleet Race @ CGA

The Veitor had a late start Saturday and racing was cancelled for Sunday. Although short, it was great experience for some female Huskies to sail at Coast Guard. Victoria Pajak, Ellie Reagan, Carolyn Corbet, and Annie Wieland were able to dial in their cohesion throughout the day, and keep their boats upright through some gnarly gusts. It was apparent that lots of teams competing brought their women’s team as well. This was likely to gain practice at the same venue the Reed will be held at in a just few weeks. The racing was cut short due to enormous knockdown puffs taking out multiple boats, and a concern for safety with the cold water temperatures and only 2 coach boats on the water.

We started off our season in full force with 3 regattas all in the Boston area!

Wood Team Race @ Harvard

Starting the season off with a 3rd place finish at a tough Interconference Team Race, the Huskies continued to build off of their successful Fall, and look to have a strong team racing team this season. Saturday brought cold temperatures and unpredictable winds, often gusting over 20 knots. Sunday was more tempered for team racing with consistent 5-10 knots and occasional gusts of 15. Skippers Jackson Hamilton, Kurran Singh and Kyle Riggs, along with crews Jackie Berlin, John Hughes, Connor O’Neil and Becker Ewing, will look to build on this experience next week at the Gieger Team Race.

Team Race Invite @ MIT

A brisk northwest breeze of 12-22 knots and some snow flurries greeted the Huskies on the Charles River on Saturday morning. Sailors Carolyn Corbet, Julia Boll, Caleb Niles, Marika Van Dusen, John Hughes, Zach Bresnick, and Liz Silva completed 2.5 round robins in tough conditions winning a couple races and improving throughout a very windy and cold day. Sunday was a more calm, sunny day on the river leading to more hard fought races. Having just started our season, the team improved throughout the weekend.

Ice Breaker @ Tufts

At the Ice Breaker Regatta, sailors Ben Palmer, Claire Lockard, Carter Brock, and Jules Mozzer were able to dust off some of the winter rust and get back into racing! The winds at Tuft’s averaged to 18 mph, consisting of sporadic puffs and lulls, which gave the Huskies an opportunity to get better at playing the shifts as the regatta progressed. In the future, the team looks to improve upon roll tacking in Larks, as to prepare for the upcoming Camel Team Race at Tufts. 

The Northeastern University Men’s Squash Team travelled to Connecticut to take part in the Men’s National College Squash Championship. The team was really excited and thrilled to have qualified for the E Division instead of the F Division as the E Division was much more competitive with Varsity squash teams making up majority of this division. The following are how the matches went down:

Northeastern University vs Fordham University (24th February) – The Men’s team started their run at Nationals with a match against top seeds Fordham University. The match against Fordham was played at Wesleyan College. Unfortunately, the team could not create an upset and lost out 2-7, with wins coming at the 1st and 2nd position from Daniel Blohm and Karan Kishorepuria respectively.

Northeastern University vs Georgetown University (25th February) – The second match today was against Georgetown University at Wesleyan College. The Huskies put on a decent fight but still lost out 3-6, with wins at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position by Daniel Blohm, Karan Kishorepuria and Connor Rouan respectively.

Northeastern University vs University of Chicago (26th February) – In their last match at Nationals the Huskies played the University of Chicago at Westminster School. This was a nail biter of a game with the tie going right to the last match with Will Greaves Tunnel playing at the 4th position. Unfortunately, the men came out on the wrong side and lost 4-5 in a very closely contested tie against their Chicago opponents. The wins came for the Huskies at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

With the close of this Nationals we will be bidding farewell to 2 of our seniors on the team – Francisco Calderon(playing at the 6th position) and Daniel Blohm (Captain and playing at the 1st position). They have been stallworths for the team and their presence during team practices and matches will be missed.

Special mention must be made of Daniel Blohm and Karan Kishorepuria who both went 3-0 this weekend and also Connor Rouan who went 2-1 this weekend at Nationals.

The Northeastern Men’s Squash Team have ended the season ranked 40th in the nation.

To conclude, we would like to thank everyone for the support they have shown this semester and year. The team would not be where it is today without its fans, donors, family, friends, coaches, support staff and of course the dedication of all the players both on and off the court. We are looking forward to working hard this off season and coming back even stronger next season.

It’s the last race weekend of the season, and the Huskies were out in full force for the last races. In the women’s GS, senior Hana Saydek placed 2nd in her last regular season race, with junior Elyse Dinan close behind in 5th. Freshmen Liddy Rankin and Maggy Skaugen rounded out the top 10 for Northeastern with 8th and 9th place.

On the men’s side, sophomore Romain Astié took first, followed by middlers Damian Kozak in 4th and Peter Sugar in 6th. Freshman Carter Bourassa finished 8th, and sophomore Charlie Denhart came from 13th after run 1 to finish 9th overall.

In Sunday’s panel slalom, costumes were out and the frostbite knocking as some athletes got creative for the last race of the season. Notably, men’s president Damian Kozak was spotted with a purple tutu, with sophomore Brendon Stearns got his Maine vibes on with a fur vest. On the women’s side, junior Elyse Dinan was seen wearing an orange jailbird suit, while freshman Nell Solomon supplied much of the womens team with a fantastically eclectic selection of onesies including penguin and tiger themed outfits. Meanwhile, freshman Maggy Skaugen did it again (oops) with a toxically accurate Britney Spears costume.

The Huskies took first in both the womens’ team standings and men’s team standings for the season, with senior Hana Saydek finishing 2nd overall for the season, and freshman Liddy Rankin taking 3rd overall. Romain Astié, Damian Kozak, Charlie Denhart, Peter Sugar, and Carter Bourassa sweept the top 5 season ranking on the men’s side.

We look forward to USCSA Eastern Regionals in West Mountain next weekend, as the Huskies attempt to qualify for Nationals in two weeks!

The Huskies travelled down to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend for QCTU! We finished Saturday with a 4-1 record, posting wins over Connecticut, Notre Dame, James Madison University, and Appalachian State University, with a hard-fought loss to Michigan. We broke seed and won our pool.

On Sunday, we played Auburn in the championship quarter finals. Unfortunately, the tournament was cancelled at halftime due to pouring rain and flooding fields. Special thanks to JB Beck‘s dad for capturing our warm smiles after that game!

The Huskies are super pumped to travel to Tampa in two weeks and play in our next tournament, Florida Warm Up. Follow our twitter, @NuMensUltimate for score updates and more information!

Yesterday (January 14) the Northeastern University Powerliftin Team had a number of current and past members compete equipped at the third annual USAPL Worcester Open. Watching them compete was a great way to start off our equipped season and get us excited for Collegiate Nationals!

Current Women’s team President, Kate Driscoll didn’t have the best day, but she came away with the New Jersey Junior State Records for both the squat and the deadlift in the 72 kg weight class with 195 kg (429.9 lbs), and 180 kg (396.8 lbs) respectively this squat also earned her the New Jersey Open State Record. Kate is qualified for Collegiate Nationals and we can’t wait to see what she does there. 


Hana Shuck represented NUWPL in the 84 kg weight class and squatted her first 500 lbs+ squat in competition with 230 kg (507.1 lbs). This squat earned Hana the Massachusetts Junior State Record. Hana also had a 170 kg (374.7 lbs) deadlift to end the day. We are looking forward to watching Hana

compete at Collegiate Nationals in April. 

Current Women’s team Vice President, Moriah Buckwalter competed in the 84+ kg weight class and had the best meet of her life going 9/9 with a 215 kg (473.9 lbs) squat, 120 kg (264.5 lbs) bench, and a 175 kg (385.8 lbs) deadlift. These numbers earned her the Massachusetts Junior State Records for the squat, bench, and total in the 84+ kg weight class. Moriah will next be competing at the 2018 Collegiate National Championships in College Station, Texas on April 22. 

There were no current members of the Men’s team competing at this meet however, there were a couple alumni competing including Former President Matthew Cassista. Matt squatted 330 kg (727.5 lbs), benched 225 kg (496 lbs) and deadlifted 280 kg (617.3 lbs) while competing in the 105 kg weight class. 

Another NUPL alumn, Louis Jaimes, coached by NUPL Godfather Joe Cappellino, also competed in the 105 kg weight class, and had a great day going 8/9 with a 320 kg (705.5 lbs) squat, 292.5 kg (644.8 lbs) bench, and a 275 kg (606.2 lbs) deadlift. This bench earned Lou both the Massachusetts State and Northeast Regional Open Records.



The Huskies completed the first race of the regular season this weekend at Jay Peak in Vermont.

Thompson Division racing kicked off with Saturday’s slalom. On the ladies side, senior Hana Saydek came back strong after a three-year hiatus to claim second place. Freshmen Liddy Rankin and Nell Solomon were close behind in 7th and 10th. Following the top three, sophomore Kali Flaherty finished 12th, sophomore Heather MacEwen in 14th, freshman Maggy Skaugen in 22nd, freshman Caroline Rizzo in 25th, closely followed by senior Lizzie Cosway in 26th. Women’s president Elyse Dinan finished 30th, while sophomore Olivia Maeder was disqualified after the first run. Freshman Katie Campbell also did not finish the race, as she crashed during the second run. These finishes were enough to grant the Huskies team first place, a great start to the season.

On the men’s side, freshman Sean Pomerantz finished his first Thompson race second, closely followed by sophomore Romain Astié in 3rd and middler Peter Sugar in fourth. Following were freshman Carter Bourassa in 7th, sophomore Mike Mullaney in 22nd. Other men failed to finish their two runs, including sophomore Charlie Denhart, middler and men’s president Damian Kozak, sophomore Brendon Stearns, middler Gleb Smilyanski, sophomore Brad Sampson, junior Doug Schonholtz, and junior Matt Piispanen. The Huskies still took first for teams, kicking off the season to a great start.

In Sunday’s GS, the Huskies continued to ski well on both sides, with the womens team placing second, and the men’s team placing first. Standout finishes for the ladies included freshman Katie Campbell taking 7th in her first ever Thompson GS, while sophomore Olivia Maeder and freshman Maggy Skaugen rounded out Northeastern’s top three in 11th and 12th place.
On the men’s side, sophomore Romain Astié managed to eke out Champlain College’s Nick Champlain and score the first win of his career. Following were freshman Sean Pomerantz in third, and Charlie Denhart in eighth.

After this first weekend, the Huskies sit atop both the men’s and women’s combined ranking, something they will carry into next weekend’s double slalom at Bromley Mountain in Vermont.

NEU table tennis team won first place at the Upper New England Fall Divisional Championship yesterday. They went undefeated, beating Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, UMass Lowell, UMass Boston, and University of New Hampshire.

On Sunday afternoon, #5 Northeastern (10-2-2) suffered a devastating loss after overcoming a lot of adversity throughout the weekend.  The morning began with a 5-0 victory over #17 Marist (4-4-2) and ended with a 2-1 loss to #2 Boston College (14-1).  

NU entered the day with a somewhat unlikely chance of advancing to the semi-finals after a win and a loss on Saturday.  The NIRSA Region 1 tournament is set up with six groups of four, which eventually ends with two co-champions.  Each group winner advances to the semi-finals, with the top two group runner-ups advancing as well.  Going into the game against Marist, the Huskies knew they would need to win by as many goals as possible in order to advance.  Unfortunately, after playing two 80 minute matches on Saturday, all of Sunday’s games were only 40 minutes long due to the poor weather conditions.  

Northeastern began the game against Marist firing on all cylinders.  NU created chance after chance, and found the back of the net after ten minutes.  Senior John Prinner lofted a cross to the left side finding Junior Timi Fasehun.  The left winger settled the ball and cut back onto his right foot before ripping a low shot past the keeper for his second goal in just as many games.  One minute later, Sophomore Jared Kahn passed the ball from the right side to Captain Jose Moros Obregon at the top of the penalty box.  Obregon calmly settled the pass and showed his composure with a beautiful shot to the right corner of the goal.  

At 2-0, Northeastern was still hungry for more goals.  Obregon sent in another ball over the top of the defense to fellow Senior Robbie Schallmo.  Back from his suspension, Schallmo fired his volley into the left corner for his first goal of the year.  With the score 3-0 at the half, Northeastern had all of the momentum and still wanted more.

Five minutes into the second half, Freshman Ben Fargiano hit the crossbar on a header from Middler Aiman Ginawi’s corner.  Five minutes later, Ginawi sent in a cross from the left side to Junior Sean McIntyre who was cutting hard toward the near post.  McIntyre flicked the ball behind him sending it straight into the right corner for his second goal of the season.  With a couple of minutes remaining, Ginawi set up for another corner from the left side.  He found Fargiano who would not be denied again, heading in his first career goal.  Seniors Justin Bartell and Max Meyers each played one half to get the team’s eighth shutout of the year.  

The match ended 5-0, which ended up being enough for Northeastern to advance to the semi-finals as the first wild card team.  Penn State beat Pittsburgh to improve to 3-0 and won the group.  Five of the six group runner-ups had a record of 2-1.  The second wild card team was University of Vermont, who had a goal differential of +4, one less than NU at +5.  Fordham University was the first team eliminated at +3.  NU was set to play Boston College who boasted victories over UVM, Drexel, and Syracuse.  

With the rain pouring down, the field was extremely muddy for the semi-final between the two Boston-based teams.  It was a sloppy game in the mud, and BC would strike first by taking advantage of the poor conditions.  A shot from the right side skidded past Bartell to give BC a one goal lead.  BC would notch again on the last play of the first half.  After Northeastern cleared a corner, BC lofted the ball back into the box.  The BC player appeared to be quite offside, but after his pass found a teammate and the back of the net, no flag was raised by the assistant referee. NU went into halftime trailing 2-0.

It was not the first road block Northeastern had encountered, and began the second half with an aggressive 3-5-2 formation.  With ten minutes left in the game, Captain Sam Marley took a free kick aimed toward Prinner.  The center midfielder won the header against the BC goalkeeper and was rewarded with his first goal of the season amid a collision.  Prinner’s first goal of the season made the scoreline 2-1 giving NU the confidence to tie the game.

A few minutes after the goal, Marley was given a red card by the referee for his use of profane language.  It was the fourth red card Northeastern had been penalized with in the tournament.  The Huskies continued to push forward in pursuit of an equalizer, but the final whistle blew with BC leading 2-1.  

With the loss, Men’s Club Soccer was eliminated from the tournament and its season ended.  Northeastern had a phenomenal year with many memorable performances.  NU graduates 11 seniors who were integral in their final season to the great success of the Huskies.  

Tanner Ackerman played five seasons on the team, making him the longest tenured player on the club.  Ackerman’s experience helped the team in important games as he was the only remaining member of the team that won the Region 1 Tournament in 2013.  Captains Marley and Obregon each played four seasons on the team in addition to organizing all of the team’s logistics for the past two years.  Obregon served as the President, leading Men’s Club Soccer to two of its most successful seasons ever.  Bartell, Meyers, Prinner, and Kyle Eisenmann also played four seasons for the team.  The two goalkeepers joined the team together as freshmen and pushed each other to many clean sheets during their time.  Prinner began his career as an outside back before moving to center defensive midfield for his Junior and Senior seasons winning all but three headers in those two years.  Eisenmann’s work ethic was unparalleled and paid dividends in games when he would consistently outperform the opposition as an outside back and outside wing.  

Aaron Kubala and Schallmo each played three seasons on the team.  Kubala not only contributed key goals as a center forward, but was the most reliable option to hold up the ball to let the team get up the field.  Schallmo, center midfielder and forward, returned from a dislocated elbow to showcase his Division 1 talent at the Region 1 Tournament.  Seb Herforth played two seasons as a left back for NU.  Carrying the best left foot on the squad, Herforth could always be counted on for a deadly accurate whipped cross.  Dan Korman joined the team this season and could dictate an entire game from center midfield.  As the most technical player on the team, Korman was able to create many goals and goal-scoring chances.  Thank you to our amazing seniors!

#5 Northeastern (9-1-2) split the first day of the NIRSA Region 1 Tournament with one win and one loss.  In two action-filled matches, NU suffered a 1-0 loss to #20 Pennsylvania State University (10-2) and defeated #8 University of Pittsburgh (8-1-2) 2-1.

The match against Penn State kicked off at 8:00 AM and began with a couple of quick chances from the opposition.  The Huskies responded with an early opportunity of their own, when right winger Aiman Ginawi’s cross found Senior Aaron Kubala’s head.  Kubala’s shot dinged off the crossbar, and the score remained 0-0.  Both teams settled down for the rest of the half, and the game was scoreless at the break.

Early in the second half, Junior Wes Turner was brought down in the box for a possible penalty kick.  The referee did not award the kick, and seconds later showed Senior Dan Korman a red card for the use of profane language.  Playing down a man, Northeastern was still able to possess the ball around Penn State despite the disadvantage.

Penn State would finally break the deadlock on a counter-attack with a shot to the bottom-right corner past Middler Guilherme Pires.  Minutes later, Senior Robbie Schallmo was shown a red card for his use of profane language after committing a foul and was sent off in his season debut.  Northeastern needed to play the rest of the game with only nine players on the field.

Proving too difficult a task, NU was unable to find the equalizer and lost 1-0.  It was Northeastern’s first loss of the season.  Additionally, Pittsburgh beat #17 Marist (4-3-2) in other group game by a score of 3-1.

In the second game, NU took on Pittsburgh at 12:45 PM.  With Schallmo and Korman suspended for the match, Northeastern set out to avenge the loss from the morning.  Coming out with significantly more intensity from the field players and the bench, Northeastern looked poised to score first.

Sophomore Jared Kahn put Northeastern on the board ten minutes in.  He split two Pittsburgh defenders in the box by dribbling between them before putting his shot past the keeper for his second goal of the season.  With most of the possession in the game, it seemed Northeastern had complete control.

Five minutes later, Pittsburgh took a lofted free kick into the box.  Junior goalkeeper Justin Bartell came out to punch the ball away, and a Pittsburgh player was still grabbing him once the ball was cleared away.  Bartell shoved him away which resulted in the referee giving Pittsburgh a penalty kick.  Pittsburgh shot it down the middle as a diving Bartell watched the equalizer go in.

With a 1-1 scoreline, NU knew a draw would not be enough points to advance to the knockout stage.  A few minutes later, Junior Matt Cole played an excellent through ball to the left to Junior Timi Fasehun, who missed eight regular season games with a leg injury.  Fasehun took a brilliant strike with his left foot from outside the box that nestled into the bottom right corner.  His second goal of the season was vital as it put Northeastern in the lead once again.

After the goal, Cole went in for a slide tackle on the left sideline and fouled a Pittsburgh player.  The referee deemed the tackle dangerous and showed the center idfielder a red card.  Once again, Northeastern had to play down a man.

At the half, the score was 2-1 NU.  Northeastern showed grit and resolve in the second half and completely dominated Pittsburgh even with a man down.  Men’s Club Soccer was unable to score again, but hit the post four times.  One time was from the first half, when Captain Jose Moros Obregon took a shot from 30 yards out directly into the crossbar.  The next instance was when Kahn crossed the ball to Senior John Prinner who headed the ball off the crossbar, and then heading it over the net again on the rebound.

Ginawi sent in a cross to Sophomore Kayan Abdou, who wound up with a left-footed volley the banged of the inside of the left goalpost.  Lastly, Turner cut in from the left side and took a shot from 20 yards out, only to be denied by the crossbar once more.

Northeastern’s stout defense hardly allowed any shots on Bartell throughout the match.  Captain Sam Marley and Junior Sean McIntyre played the whole game at center back, and Yacar, Senior Kyle Eisenmann, Middler Jason McLarney, and Junior Charlie Peters manned the outside back positions.  Kubala, Abdou, and Fasehun demonstrated amazing hold-up play as forwards that allowed Northeastern to see out the match in the second half.

The game ended 2-1, and Northeastern was finally able to rest.  In the other game, Penn State beat Marist 4-1.  NU will face Marist at 10:00 AM on Sunday in a crucial match.  Unfortunately, NU does not control its own destiny of advancing past the group stage.  Northeastern can still win the group if Pittsburgh beats Penn State.  Northeastern can also advance as one of the top two runner-ups across the six groups at the tournament.

For the second consecutive year, Men’s Club Soccer (8-0-2) won the Boston West Division, with a divisional record of 6-0-1.  Northeastern clinched the title with a convincing 2-0 win over #3 Harvard University A (9-1), who finished second in the division once again.

Harvard came into the title-deciding game ranked third in Region 1, and riding a nine game win-streak.  The Huskies hosted the game at Parsons Field and hundreds of fans turned out to support them.  With both teams undefeated and an automatic bid to Regionals on the line, the stage was set for an intense match.

While the fans were still settling into their seats, Northeastern was already threatening to take the lead.  Two minutes in, Senior center defensive midfielder John Prinner initiated a quick counter-attack by playing a through ball to Middler Aiman Ginawi.  The right winger cut straight toward goal and beat a Crimson defender, but the player chopped at Ginawi’s ankle and brought him to the ground.  The referee immediately blew his whistle, and Northeastern was awarded a penalty kick.  Ginawi stepped up to the spot looking to convert as he did against Towson University, but the Harvard goalkeeper dove to his left to save the shot.

Despite the miss, Northeastern was not deterred by its goal to win the division and stay undefeated.  The chances continued to come, and the best one would be ten minutes into the game.  Senior right back Kyle Eisenmann played a perfect ball to Junior center forward Will Slotterback in the box.  Slotterback one-timed the ball into the back of the net for his third goal in two games.  The crowd erupted into cheers for the Huskies after getting the goal they deserved.

The rest of the first half was controlled by Northeastern, and the backline ensured that Harvard would not find an equalizer.  Captain Sam Marley, Junior Sean McIntyre, Junior Dan Yacar, and Eisenmann made up the defense.

The second half wasn’t quite as dominant for NU, yet Harvard still was not able to muster up many shots or chances on keeper Guilherme Pires.  The second goal would come off of a majestic header from Senior Aaron Kubala with 15 minutes left.  Fellow Senior Tanner Ackerman crossed the ball from the right side to Kubala who headed it over the keeper for his third goal of the season.  Ackerman has now assisted in two consecutive games.

Especially in the first half, Northeastern was bolstered by fantastic play in the center midfield.  Those responsible were Prinner, Ackerman, Senior Dan Korman, Junior Matt Cole, and Captain Jose Moros Obregon.  Freshman Jackson Neal, Middler Jason McLarney, and Senior Seb Herforth reinforced the defense in the second half while Pires held on for the clean sheet in goal.  It was NU’s 7th clean sheet of the season.

Men’s Club Soccer celebrated the victory with the home crowd, as well a ticket to the NIRSA Region 1 Tournament in New Castle, Delaware.  Harvard will likely receive an at-large bid to the tournament as well.  Last year, Northeastern was ranked 10th heading into the tournament and seems to be in line for a better ranking this season after going undefeated.

The following teams all received automatic bids by winning their respective divisions:  #1 Messiah College (9-2), #2 University of Delaware (8-1-1), #4 Cornell Mundial (8-0-2), #5 Boston College (10-1), #6 University of Connecticut B (9-0-1), #8 University of Massachusetts Amherst A (9-0-1), University of Pittsburgh (7-0-2), Rutgers University A (7-0-1), University of Buffalo (5-0-2), University of Vermont (5-0-2), U.S. Naval Academy (5-1-1), Villanova University (5-1-1), Syracuse University (4-2-3), and Marist College (4-1-2). 

A total of 24 teams will compete in the tournament, keep your eyes open for our updated Power Ranking and group assignment!  The tournament is played on October 28th and 29th.  Photos posted this season courtesy of Herman Hansen of Trondheim, Norway and Jon McIntyre of Newton, MA.

After a disappointing away defeat to Fairfield the previous season, Northeastern was eager to play this in-conference match this past Saturday night on Parsons Field. Northeastern put in a strong showing in containing Fairfield’s relentless pick and go game and strong 10-12 running. An early breakaway try from fly-half David de Luzuriaga set up by a dummy pass set the tone for the 6 tries Northeastern would eventually run in.

The game was punctuated by heavy forward running and equally strong tackling from Northeastern. Solid defense has been a strong point of the Maddogs all season and it showed again this Saturday as they only let in one try and repeatedly pushed back Fairfield. On offense, strong running up front set up space that smooth passing from the backs was able to exploit.

Northeastern takes on UNH non-conference next Saturday 10/21 in an away game.


#10 David de Luzuriaga   4′

#15 Deni Makhauri            12′

#7   Freddie Fennessy      20′

#1    Brett Bragaw              59′

#6    Matt Larouche          66′

#13    Alex Tiarks               80′


#10 David de Luzuriaga 4/5 Cons

#9 Darren Chan   1/1 Cons

Man of the Match

#3 Benjamin Keebaugh

Northeastern (7-0-2) beat Harvard B (2-6) 2-0 on Thursday night in the last road game of the regular season.  NU dominated from the beginning, and the result was almost never in doubt.

Men’s Club Soccer applied a high press on Harvard from the start, and was able to rattle the opposition into giving possession away quickly.  Creating many chances from the pressure, the Huskies finally broke through after 25 minutes of play.  On a perfect piece of passing, Junior Will Slotterback finished his first goal of the year.  NU moved the ball around as if the Harvard defense was non-existent and nearly walked the ball into the goal.  Senior Dan Korman finished the play with a chipped ball over a defender on the left side to Slotterback in the middle of the box.  Slotterback tapped it to the right of the charging goalkeeper to give the Huskies the lead.

Ten minutes later, Senior Tanner Ackerman took on a defender in the left corner.  Once he created some space, he was able to pick his head up and find an open man in the box.  His cross connected with Slotterback who headed home his second goal of the match.  Slotterback’s brace puts him as the only other player besides fellow Junior Wes Turner to score twice in one game.

With a comfortable lead at halftime, NU did not need to push too hard in the second half.  The play suffered noticeably, but the Huskies had done enough in the first half to preserve the lead.  Conceding only one shot, Northeastern’s defense looked confident throughout the match.  Guilherme Pires and Max Meyers combined for the shutout in net.

The end of the season looms near as NU plays its final game on Sunday at 7 PM.  NU will be hosting #3 Harvard A (9-0) to decide the winner of the Boston West Division.  Everything is on the line on Sunday for the two undefeated teams.  Northeastern won the match-up 2-1 last season, when Turner notched a goal and an assist.  The winner will get an automatic bid to the NIRSA Region 1 Tournament in Delaware.  Come support the Huskies at Parsons Field, it will be a game to remember!

Men’s Club Soccer (6-0-2) enters the final week of the season undefeated and brimming with confidence.  On Sunday, NU took down #9 Pennsylvania State University (7-2) by a score of 3-1 in a non-divisional match.  Penn State is ranked in the top 10 in the region making them a likely candidate for the Northeast Regional Championships.

Last year Penn State won the rivalry match 3-0, and Northeastern was determined not to let this year’s game follow a similar trajectory.  NU came out with a lot of intensity and carried the momentum from its comeback against Towson University on Saturday.  The offense was clicking again as Northeastern was in pursuit of the first goal.

20 minutes in, Wes Turner took a free kick that resulted in a Penn State player heading the ball into his own net.  Amid slight confusion from the own goal, Northeastern celebrated the well-deserved 1-0 lead.

After the goal, the Huskies appeared to truly take control of the match.  They would strike again when another Turner cross would find a teammate’s head, instead of the opposition.  Kayan Abdou headed the ball over the keeper’s head for his third goal of the season.  It was also Turner’s third assist of the season.

Proving to be too much for the Penn State side, Northeastern was relentless in its attack.  Before Northeastern could score again, a frustrated Penn State player was given a red card for dissent.  Having a two goal lead and playing a 10-man team, Men’s Club Soccer had all but cemented the victory.  On one attack, Will Slotterback chased down a ball and won it with a slide tackle while also putting it through the defender’s legs.  His sliding pass found Aiman Ginawi on the right side who took a shot that careened of the goalkeeper’s hands and into the post.

With ten minutes left, Ginawi streaked down the right wing on a counter-attack.  He passed it to the left side where Turner struck a one-time shot to the near post for his fifth goal of the season and third of the weekend.  Ginawi’s selfless pass earned himself his third assist of the year and a 3-0 lead.

In the waning seconds of the match, an altercation in the box between Jackson Neal and a Penn State player lead to a penalty kick.  Additionally, the player received a red card after hitting Neal.  The heated exchange led to a converted penalty kick goal by Penn State, making the score 3-1 before the final whistle sounded.

Goalkeeper Guilherme Pires played exquisitely in between the posts.  He would have secured the clean sheet if not for the penalty kick at the end, and he even guessed the right direction on the shot but was unable to keep it out.  

With only two regular season matches to go, Northeastern remains undefeated.  NU will play at Harvard University B (2-5) on Thursday night at 9 PM and will host Harvard’s A team (9-0) on Sunday night at 7 PM for the season finale.   Those two games will round out divisional play and decide if NU or Harvard A gets the automatic bid to the Regional Championships in Delaware.

The Huskies defeated Syracuse University 2-0 on Sunday as three pitchers combined to throw a shutout.

The pitching was strong on both sides. Northeastern Huskies pitchers struck out seven, while Jorgensen sat down four. A single by Weber in the first inning was a positive for Syracuse University.

Chris Cioffi earned the win for Northeastern Huskies. He surrendered zero runs on three hits over five innings, striking out four. Josh Soldan and Andrew Horowitz entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief. Horowitz recorded the last three outs to earn the save for Northeastern Huskies. Jorgensen took the loss for Syracuse University. He lasted seven innings, allowing eight hits and two runs while striking out four and walking one.

Northeastern Huskies totaled eight hits. Jake Bichler, Dan Giurini, and Luke Bakker each managed multiple hits for Northeastern Huskies. Bichler went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Northeastern Huskies in hits.

Northeastern played Boston College at home on Parsons field on Sunday for a classic rivalry that has seen great rugby through the years. The game overall was scrappy and saw lots of handling and discipline issues from both sides. An early try from flanker Mathieu Larouche gave northeastern an early lead. The remainder of the game was marked by field position battle and staunch defense from both sides. Both Northeastern and BC took their points with kicks at goal after respective stints in opposition half.

Northeastern came into half time leading 13-10. BC were able to take advantage of ill-discipline from the Maddogs in the second half which resulted in yellow cards to lock Jim O’Shea for a late tackle, that action also resulted in a penalty try. Flanker Peyton Kay also received a yellow sending the Maddogs down to 13 men. After smart rugby from BC and mistakes made on the Maddog’s end BC gained control of the match 15-17.

Under pressure of the clock but with fans pushing them on the Maddogs were able to put in a very strong last five minutes. Taking the ball down to a line out on the five with just 2 minutes remaining the Maddogs were able to win the line out and started building phase play. In the last action lock Jim O’Shea fended off 2 BC defenders and was able to release the ball to rookie Ronan Jones on the wing who dashed to the corner to secure a famous win for the club. Northeastern wins it 20-17.

NU Try Scorers:

#7 Matt Larouche     12′

#23 Ronan Jones     80′


#4 Will Clayton     17′, 35′ penalty kicks

#9 Darren Chan    12′, 80′ conversions

Yellow cards:

#6 Peyton Kay 55′

#5 Jim O’Shea  60′

Man of the match is #5 Jim O’Shea with workhorse performance and a couple stiff arms that set up the last minute try.

Northeastern plays Fairfield at home on 10/14 for another conference game.

Syracuse University scored three runs in the third inning, but Northeastern Huskies still won 7-4 on Saturday. Syracuse University’s big inning was driven by by Burke and Beldotti and an error on a ball put in play by Marteka. Northeastern Huskies got on the board in the second inning. Josh Soldan grounded out, scoring one run.

Northeastern Huskies pulled away for good with four runs in the third inning. In the third, Andrew Purdy doubled on a 2-2 count, scoring one run, Dan Giurini singled on a 0-2 count, scoring two runs, and Soldan singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run.

Kevin Gemmill earned the victory on the pitcher’s mound for Northeastern Huskies. He went four and a third innings, allowing one run on three hits and striking out four. Lipinski took the loss for Syracuse University. He went four innings, allowing six runs on six hits, striking out six and walking zero. David Carter started the game for Northeastern Huskies. He allowed four hits and three runs over two and two-thirds innings, striking out two.

Northeastern Huskies had nine hits in the game. Giurini and Purdy all collected multiple hits for Northeastern Huskies. Giurini led Northeastern Huskies with three hits in three at bats. Syracuse University tallied seven hits. Jorgensen and Skalla each collected multiple hits for Syracuse University.

Northeastern (5-0-2) tied Towson University (4-2-2) in an exciting game that ended 3-3.  It was a hot day at the Pennsylvania State College campus, and NU had to work hard in order to keep an undefeated record.

20 minutes into the game, Northeastern’s defense allowed its first goal since the season opener against Brandeis.  On an unlucky play, Tanner Ackerman slipped on a clearance allowing a Towson player into the penalty box.  He passed the ball to his right side to a teammate for a wide-open shot.  Goalkeeper Justin Bartell got a hand to the shot but it still rolled off the post and into the goal.

Ten minutes later, Captain Sam Marley miss-hit a pass and Towson took possession in a dangerous area again.  This time shooting the ball to the left of a diving Bartell to put Towson up 2-0.  After a less than impressive first half, Men’s Club Soccer resolved to come out with more fire in the second half.

The Huskies wasted no time getting themselves back into the game, scoring two minutes into the second half.  Wes Turner set up to take a free kick from 45 yards out and find one of his teammates.  Instead, his service bounced into the back of the net without anybody touching it to bring the score to 2-1.

Three minutes later, center forward Will Slotterback passed the ball to Turner on the left wing.  He cut hard to the middle of the field to beat a defender and put himself in a scoring position.  Turner scored on a low-driven shot to the left of the goalkeeper before running to his bench to celebrate the equalizer.  It was his second goal in five minutes and fourth of the season.

With all of the momentum, NU continued to press and create more chances to take the lead.  With 20 minutes left, center midfielder Matt Cole got by a Towson defender before a second one pushed him to the ground in the box.  The referee awarded a penalty kick even though Cole appeared to go to ground mostly without contact from Towson.  Aiman Ginawi stepped up and converted the penalty kick to the right side for his first career goal.

With a 3-2 lead, Northeastern seemed to have control of the game, but the match continued to go back and forth.  In a game that included over ten yellow cards, neither team was able to gain control.  Even though Towson’s attack had significantly less chances,  it would find the goal again on a scrap inside the penalty box.  After the ball bounced off a couple of players, Towson finally put it into the net to tie the game with less than ten minutes to play.

On another controversial play, the referee called a penalty kick against Senior Kyle Eisenmann.  Towson set up to take the kick, but Bartell was able to make a massive save to keep the game tied.

With three minutes to go, a Towson midfielder was given a red card for disrespecting the referee giving Northeastern a man advantage.  Shortly after on a corner kick, Cole attempted a scissor kick similar to the one Jose Moros Obregon had last week against Clark University.  Cole’s shot also banged off of the crossbar, and the two sides would end in a stalemate.

Northeastern Huskies opened up the season beating Syracuse University 9-4 on Saturday.

SU opened up scoring in the first inning. An error scored two runs for Syracuse.

Northeastern Huskies put up six runs in the sixth inning. Christian Nagasugi, Matthew Andrade, Andrew Purdy, Luke Bakker, and Dan Giurini all drove in runs in the frame.

Camden Brown was credited with the victory for Northeastern Huskies. He lasted five innings, allowing five hits and two runs while striking out one. Peter Diaz and Andrew Horowitz entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief. Resnick took the loss for Syracuse University. He surrendered nine runs on ten hits over six innings, striking out six.

Northeastern Huskies tallied ten hits in the game. Giurini and Purdy each had multiple hits for Northeastern Huskies. Purdy and Giurini each collected two hits to lead Northeastern Huskies. Syracuse University racked up eight hits. Weber and Fabbri all had multiple hits for Syracuse University.

The Maddog improved to 2-0 this past Saturday with a nice strong win over a very well coached and hard nosed UMass program 37-17.  Last week the Dogs beat URI at Parsons 41-16 in the inaugural Liberty D1A Conference game for both clubs. 

The Dogs have their true test of the season this Sunday vs Boston College, 2pm on Sunday, October 8th at Parsons and look to make a statement in the Liberty Conference by going 3-0 against a tough BC side that beat URI this past Saturday 34-17 and lost to Harvard 31-15 back on Sept 2nd. Many eyes will be on this game nationally to see who is legit. 

Men’s Club Soccer (5-0-1) defeated College of the Holy Cross (3-4-1) by a margin of 1-0 under the lights.  The scoreline appeared to be close, yet Northeastern did not allow Holy Cross any chances en route to its fifth consecutive clean sheet.  Justin Bartell was once again responsible for holding the clean sheet in net.  After having chance after chance, Holy Cross was lucky to only concede one goal on the night.

NU began the match with some sloppy play, but cleaned it up after the first ten minutes.  From there, it was all Northeastern for the remainder of the night.  30 minutes into the game, the Huskies had their best chance yet.  Right back Jason McLarney streaked by a defender in the box and was viciously brought down to the ground.  Northeastern was awarded a penalty kick, so Wes Turner stepped up to the spot.  His attempt went wide right and the score remained 0-0.

Men’s Club Soccer continued to press Holy Cross for the remainder of the half in search of a goal.  Seniors Tanner Ackerman and Dan Korman controlled the ball in the middle of the field and constantly switched the point of attack in order to break through.  NU continued to spread the ball out wide to get crosses into the box, but many of them were finding the goalkeeper’s hands.

Northeastern brought the momentum from the first half into the second to try and break the stalemate.  Struggling to find the back of the net, relief was found with 15 minutes remaining.  Turner sent in a cross to the far post from the left wing to Aiman Ginawi.  The center midfielder’s header rattled off the left post before senior Kyle Eisenmann slammed the rebound home for his second goal of the season, sending the red and black bench into a frenzy.

NU’s defense saw out the rest of the game, and maintained its undefeated record.  It was also the final game of the season for Holy Cross.  Northeastern has now gone 435 minutes without conceding a goal.

After another divisional victory, Men’s Club Soccer will take on two tough non-divisional opponents this weekend at Pennsylvania State University.  On Saturday, NU plays Towson (4-2-1) who are in the Baltimore Beltway division.  On Sunday, NU will take on #9 Penn State (7-1) of the Central Pennsylvania division.

Northeastern (4-0-1) preserved its undefeated record with a 0-0 draw at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (5-1-1) on Sunday.  The divisional game was hard-fought and Northeastern had many chances to take the lead, especially in the second half. It was the fourth consecutive game that Men’s Club Soccer did not concede a goal.  Goalkeeper Justin Bartell posted his second clean sheet of the season making a couple of vital stops when he needed to.  Jackson Neal made his first career start at center back and was able to successfully keep the WPI offense at bay for the duration of the match.  Along with Neal, Sean McIntyre, Dan Yacar, and Jason McLarney completed the Northeastern defense that has only conceded one goal all season. Aiman Ginawi had an early opportunity inside of the first five minutes when his shot from the left side of the penalty box sailed wide of the goal.  Yacar was aggressive from the left back position, finishing the game with two shots and making more chances for NU.  In the first half he dribbled by two defenders and took a shot from 20 yards out that barely cleared the crossbar. Midway through the first half, Wes Turner was brought down at the edge of the penalty box.  Amid pleas for a penalty kick, the referee assigned a free kick just outside of the box, and Northeastern was unable to score off of the set piece. With the game scoreless at the half, Northeastern dominated the rest of the match.  NU picked up the level of intensity and continued to pressure the WPI defense.  NU’s last chance of the game came after Matt Cole crossed the ball from the left to Aaron Kubala.  The center forward’s header went just over the crossbar and WPI was able to breathe once again. Despite coming away with a draw, Men’s Club Soccer was clearly disappointed about the result.  The Huskies will look to rebound from this game on Wednesday night when they travel back to Worcester to take on divisional opponent College of the Holy Cross (3-3-1) at 8:30 PM.

Northeastern (4-0) improved its undefeated record with a 2-0 divisional win at home against Clark University (0-8).  It was the third game in a row that NU did not allow a goal, Senior Max Meyers kept the clean sheet in net.

The scoring began 13 minutes into the game, but the Huskies were pummeling the Clark goalkeeper with chances the entire first half.  Captain Jose Moros Obregon attempted a jumping scissor kick ten minutes into the game and was denied only by the crossbar.  Not to be discouraged, the captain would find his first goal of the season a few minutes later.  After a corner kick was cleared outside of the penalty box, Obregon settled the ball and took a shot from 20 yards out.  The goalkeeper dove for it but was unable to stop the shot and Northeastern took the lead.

The score remained 1-0 at halftime, yet NU hardly allowed Clark any possession of the ball.  Seven minutes into the second half, the Huskies struck again.  Right winger Jared Kahn whipped in a cross that was headed into the net by Kayan Abdou.  It was the third consecutive game with an assist for Kahn and fourth in that span.  Abdou netted his second goal of the year after scoring last game against Merrimack as well.

Despite constant attacks, Northeastern could only muster two goals in the match.  Among the many chances, Matt Cole hit the post on a header in the first half, and Johnny Prinner had two headers denied by the woodwork in the second half.

Men’s Club Soccer does not have much time to rest, tomorrow’s Boston West Divisional game is at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (5-1) at 4:00 PM.

Northeastern Men’s Rugby won 37-17 against UMass on Saturday 09/23/2017 in what felt like mid-summer Florida heat. Northeastern took three sides to Amherst for their first away game of the season. The 1st XV maintained a slight lead for most of the game, matching and surpassing UMASS’s physicality and aggression.

The first half was a tight contest. Northeastern scored first through Matt Larouche but UMASS were quick to answer with a try of their own. After making the conversion the Maddogs were down two points. The team rebounded and scored another try in the next 5 minutes through 8-man Lowell Haska. After David de Luzuriaga slotted a penalty it was 13-7 to Northeastern. The last ten minutes of the first half saw UMASS camped inside of Northeastern’s twenty-two. The Maddog’s aggression in defense kept the Minutemen out of the try zone thanks to two notable try scoring tackles. And with a minute to go Darren Chan quick tapped a penalty in the UMass 22 to score an easy try.

After half time it didn’t take too long for man of the match Liam Reithofer-Tailor to score. A defensive error allowed UMASS to make it 25-12. However, the Maddogs then found their footing and continued to put points on the board through Ryan Crowe and Peyton Kay. The minutemen scored the final try of the game with three minutes to play making the score 37-17. In the end it was heavy punches and smart running from forwards that led the team to victory. This is Northeastern’s second win of both their regular and in-conference season.

NU try scorers:
#7 Matt Larouche 3′
#8 Lowell Haska 21′
#12 Darren Chan 39′
#4 Liam Taylor 48′
#15 Ryan Crowe 65′
#20 Peyton Kay 75′
#10 David de Luzuriaga 1 Pen. 2 conversions

Make sure to come out and support the Maddogs against Boston College next week at Parsons Field. BC’s program has seen significant success over the last two seasons and Northeastern is riding high with an undefeated start to their season. This local rivalry should produce plenty of sparks and champagne rugby. Come out to Parsons Field at 2pm on Saturday for this classic fixture.

Northeastern Men’s rugby beat the University of Rhode Island 41-16 on Sunday night 09/17/2017 marking their first conference win of the season. Northeastern had trouble sticking to their game plan, but individual skill and opposition error helped the Maddogs get the win.

The first half was marked by handling errors from both sides and discipline issues. Northeastern failed to put a try away after being inside URI’s half for the first ten minutes. Unfortunately, the Maddogs conceded a penalty inside their half which URI capitalized on by slotting a penalty. This would be the only lead URI had the whole game. Shortly after going down three points Matt Larouche crossed the line for the first try of the season. Peyton Kay then added a score and the Maddogs were up 12-3 before the thirty-five-minute mark. Poor discipline allowed URI to strike back with another penalty kick but Dante Pierantozzi scored in the corner just before the end of the half. At half time Northeastern were up 17-6.

A weak start to the second half saw URI score a try within the first two minutes with a line break from their inside center. Continued discipline issues helped URI kick another penalty which then made the score 17-16. At this point with twenty minutes to go Northeastern needed to respond, and they did so. After some substitutions, the Maddogs inserted a bit more aggression into their game. Matt Larouche and captain Sean McElhinney both capitalized on URI mistakes which gave the Maddogs another two tries. Although the Maddogs had a solid lead they continued to make disciplinary errors. Brett Bragaw and Rory Higginson both received yellow cards in the final twenty minutes of the game. However, after gaining some confidence in attack the dogs strung together some beautiful passing and scored in the corner through Liam Henry. The final try of the day was scored by fly-half David de Luzuriaga in the final two minutes of play. This win marked the first time Northeastern have won their season opener since 2012.

NU try scorers:
#7 Matt Larouche 12’, 65’
#6 Peyton Kay 33’
#11 Dante Pierantozzi 40’
#2 Sean McElhinney 68’
#14 Liam Henry 73’
#10 David de Luzuriaga 78’

Northeastern Squash found success at their Nationals during the long weekend!  In their first round match, the Huskies faced Fordham University, winning 9-0… 

Northeastern Women went on to play Bucknell University in the semifinals and continued their momentum with another 9-0 win.

The Huskies faced rivals Boston College in the finals and took the champion title, winning 7-2. This is the first time in the history of the program that Northeastern Women’s Squash has won their division at Nationals! Congratulations!!