Club Women’s Powerlifting Maintains Nationals Success

Club Women’s Powerlifting had another unbelievable year. At the 2018 Collegiate Nationals they placed 4th as a team with some incredible individual performances.
2018 Collegiate Nationals: 4th Place
Kate Driscoll, 2nd place
Hana Shuck, 3rd place
Morgan Stahl, 4th place
Moriah Buckwalter, 4th place
Lauren Martires, 6th place

They followed it up by placing 5th at the 2019 Collegiate Nationals.
2019 Collegiate Nationals: 5th Place
Krissty Sumida – 6th
Danielle Baldassari – 7th
Lauren Martires – 5th
Vivian Pham – 10th
Morgan Stahl – 5th
Hana Shuck – 3rd

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