Club Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Finds Success in Deep Program

A Teams

  • Team records
    • Santa Barbara Invite: 4-2 W-L record, placing sixth overall.
    • Commonwealth Cup: 5-2 W-L record, placing third at the tournament.
  • Team performances that stand out
  • “We have been working very hard on our zone defense, specifically our cup zone has been really fire.” 
  • Individual performances that stand out
  • Briana Ross and Sophie Shen each caught a Callahan (a defensive score) at Santa Barbara Invite.
  • Britney DeRoehn is our only rookie new to the sport and has improved so much. She now kills it on the field!
  • Ellen Harsha, Katharine Gilbert, and Lamia Farah have been fearless and fantastic captains.
  • Facts about the seniors
  • Ellen Harsha is a captain who leads with her friendliness and fierceness.
  • Katharine Gilbert is an amazing flex player captain and is always smiling on the field.
  • Lamia Farah is not only a captain, but also a speedy main cutter.
  • Katie Murray is a cutter and you can always count on her for a laugh.
  • Anna Cullen is a fierce mark in cup defense and always has a good attitude.
  • Sofia Horan is an incredible as wing defense and you can always count on her goofy personality for a good laugh.
  • Photos attached

B TeamTeam records

  • Bring the Huckus: 5:3 W-L record, placing eighth overall.

Team performances that stand out

  • At Bring the Huckus, the whole team kept up such great determination and tenacity even in the face of long upwind points and dwindling numbers as several players were injured.

Individual performances that stand out

  • Ellen Neilson and Hillary Hoyt played extremely fiery defense during our tournament.
  • Annie Wissmann, Elisa Kodama, and Grainne Casey all improved so much as cutters over the course of the season.
  • Jess Lynch-Foust and Mac d’Leeuwen did a great job stepping up as handlers.
  • Sophia Keins, Grace Woodward, and Olivia Hoyt have been outstanding captains and exemplary teammates.

Facts about the seniors

  • Sophia Keins, a captain, is an incredible defensive player who always has high energy and a chaotic personality.
  • Grace Woodward, a captain, is an amazing handler who is supportive on and off the field.
  • Erin Kenney has super sticky hands and amazing timing as a cutter.
  • Eva Power is an incredibly steady handler with great upwind hucks.
  • Jess Lynch-Foust is a fiery cutter with a knack for fiery zone defense with her hands and feet.
  • Kristen Braley is a speedy cutter who always has a ready to go attitude.
  • Maura Radigan is a consistent handler and a steady defender.
  • Mei-An Nolan is a superb flex who can play any position, and is always ready to lighten the mood with a bit of silliness.
  • Trea Lavery is a cutter with great energy, who is determined to give it her all on the field.

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