2016 Ancillary Board


Funding Ambassadors

It is the ambassador’s job to get funding for club activities from outside sources. This can include working with corporate sponsors, and securing external scholarships and university grants. 

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Peter Groen

Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship, 2020

Hometown – Fishkill, NY  :::  Favorite Planet – Neptune

Operations Management

Design Safety Committee

Members of the Design Safety Committee are responsible for ensuring that projects created by our members are going to perform as intended, and will be safe for nearby members and the general public.


Evan Kuritzkes

Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Hometown – Bryn Mawr, PA  :::  Favorite Planet – Coruscant (Home of Galactic City and the Jedi Order)


Adam Poirier

Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, 2018

Hometown – Danvers, MA :::  Favorite Planet – Earth


Neel Shah

Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biochemical Engineering, 2018

Hometown – Waterford, CT  :::  Favorite Planet – Jupiter

Safety Officers

 The responsibilities of a Safety Officer are to make sure that members are adhering to lab policy and are being safe while in the lab and at club events (including launches). 


Rachel Douglass

Mechanical Engineering, 2020

Hometown – North Kingstown, RI  :::  Favorite Planet – Venus

Erica Traini

Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Energy Systems, 2020

Hometown – Lisbon, CT :::  Favorite Planet – Saturn