September 2015 Paper Rockets Field Trip

The students and chaperons of Warwick’s Bishop Hendricken High School

When? September 25, 2015

Where? Curry Student Center

Who? Bishop Hendricken High School, Warwick, RI

AIAA Northeastern, in conjunction with The Center of STEM Education, hosted a STEM field trip for a group of students from Warwick, RI. The two activities for the day: paper rockets and egg drop.  For the paper rockets activity, AIAA Northeastern manned the projector for an informative presentation about rocket stability. Students learned what components of a rocket are essential as well as what exactly they do. With new knowledge about fins, nose cones, and airframes, the students designed, built, and launched their own rockets made of paper with the assistance of AIAA volunteers.


Caroline Mueller, COE ’19, helps a pair of students with their paper rocket design


Visiting students and chaperons, volunteers, and NUPD look on as two rockets compete to go the highest.

Description by Jennifer Morin November 18, 2015