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Target Altitude

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Battle of the Rockets will take place on April 22nd, 2017 in Culpeper, Virginia. The goal of the competition is to launch a rocket to a target altitude of 1213 feet using a G motor and to recover it safely. Each flight is scored as the absolute difference between the actual flight altitude and 1213 ft. A team’s two best scores are summed to calculate the final team score.

The goal of this project is to provide all members of the club, particularly those who have just completed the Introduction to Rocketry course, with the opportunity to apply what they have learned by participating in a rocketry competition from beginning to end. It is also an opportunity for any Northeastern students who have no experience with rockets to learn the basics. In addition, the final objective is to win the Battle of the Rockets competition to add to the organization’s acclaim.

Proposed Timeline:

● January 2017: Research and Design

● February 2017: Construction

● March 2017: Electronics Integration and Preliminary Test Launching

● April 2017: Re-work and Final Test Launch

● April 21-23, 2017: Team Travels to Culpeper, VA to compete (and win, hopefully).