MRI Coils


We have various specialty coils for imaging different species, Following is the list of coils we have for high throughput imaging :

This is volume transmit/receive quadrature coil incorporated into awake rat imaging holder. This can collect images from olfactory bulbs down to the cerebellum and medulla oblongata with optimal homogeneity. Designed for both awake and anesthetized imaging, this coil system provides superior anatomical and functional images.

  • Quadrature Transmit/Receive volume coil with exceptional SNR – no signal drop-off in ventral brain areas
  • B1 field homogeneity over the entire brain
  • Open design for simultaneous electrical recordings, microdialysis, optogenetics, and deepbrain stimulation in the magnet.
  • 42 mm ID coil – the head holder is the coil for optimal space filling
    Ergonomic design – animal set-up in minutes with easy tuning and matching.
  • Awake or anesthetized – temperature regulation for all conditions.
  • Accommodates rats from 100 – 800 gm – ideal for large rodent studies in aging, diabetes, obesity.

AIR Mouse/Vole Head Coil :

This is 36 mm ID quadrature transmit/receive volume coil with exceptional SNR and stability. The coil is ergonomically designed so that animal set-up in the restrainer in less than a min. This coil is good for small rodent from 10-60 gm – ideal for transgenic mice, voles and post-natal rats. With this coil we can truly achieve “high throughput” data collection. Once the coil is positioned, tuned, and matched in the magnet, mice can be rapidly shuttled in and out by simply pulling out the mouse restrainer and replacing it with another. Animals can remain anesthetized with isoflurane delivery system.  

AIR Marmoset Head Coil :

This is 46 mm ID quadrature transmit/receive volume coil incorporated into head and body restrainer. The coil is designed for both Awake and Anesthetized imaging.

AIR Fluorine Coil :

This 282.5 MHz coil made for fluorine (F19) imaging. This is 36 mm ID quadrature transmit/receive volume coil with exceptional SNR and stability.

Bruker 72mm Quadrature Volume Coil : 

As a basis for imaging experiments, transmit/receive quadrature volume coils are designed to provide optimal homogeneity in combination with highest SNR. This circularly polarized H1 volume coil provides homogenous signal reception throughout a larger area of the animal or material to be investigated. These coil has inner diameter of 72 mm and field of view about 8 cm in z direction. This coil can be used for whole body scan of Mouse, Rat Vole or hamster.This coil has active detuning capabilities to facilitate cross-coil configurations. The coil is designed for maximal SNR within the optimized B1 homogenous volume and is pneumatically fixed inside the gradient.

Bruker 72mm Linear volume Coil :

This coil, which is ideally used for transmission only, along with surface coil.

1H receive-only rat brain surface Coil : 

Applications on rat brain include anatomical studies, fMRI, and, perfusion. In all cases, the region of interest is focused on the entire brain of the rat. Highest sensitivity throughout the rat brain is achieved with a cross-coil setup including a volume transmission coil and this anatomically shaped receive-only coil.

This surface coil is mounted directly on the rat bed and is placed over the brain of the animal outside of the magnet once the animal preparation is finished. Both animal and coil are then moved into the measurement position simultaneously.