Join us for our weekly meetings on Thursday nights at 6:30PM in Chem Central (115 Hurtig Hall)! This semester, we have a wide range of meetings, including various speakers, professor spotlight, and fun game nights. Please feel free to email us if you would like the contact information of any of our speakers!

9/6/2018 Meeting: Welcome Dinner – The first NUSAACS meeting of the semester, a catered dinner, welcomed new freshmen to the chemistry department and the club, as well as returning members, to kick off the start of our academic year. Members got acclimated to the club and got to know other chemistry majors. Mentors had the chance to bond with their mentees more, as well as talk about their first week of classes.

9/13/2018 Meeting: Flow Battery Research – Dr. Alex Papandrew, a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin in Cambridge, gave a presentation about his career in material sciences and flow battery research. He spoke about the current and upcoming projects at Lockheed Martin, including concerns that his team often is faced with in maintaining efficacy of the flow battery. He took many questions from the group about the implications of this research and future plans for improving upon the batteries. Dr. Papandrew also spoke about the potential co-op position for chemistry majors that his team at Lockheed Martin is looking to create.

9/20/2018 Meeting: Chemical Education in Organic Synthesis

9/27/2018 Meeting: Co-op Mixer/Fun Meeting

10/4/2018 Meeting: Objects Conservation at the ISGM

10/11/2018 Meeting: Professor Spotlight

10/18/2018 Meeting: Biotech Startups

10/25/2018 Meeting: Mafia Night

11/1/2018 Meeting: DESI-MS in Neuro-oncology at Brigham & Women’s

11/8/2018 Meeting: Chemical Safety

11/15/2018 Meeting: Movie Night

12/6/2018 Meeting: Winter Dinner