2 Papers Accepted for Sensors 2018

The 2 papers have been accepted for lecture presentation at IEEE Sensors (SENSORS 2018) to be held in New Delhi, India on October 28-31, 2018.

1. V. Rajaram, Z. Qian, S. Kang, S. Calisgan, N. McGruer and M. Rinaldi, “A False Alarm-Free Zero-Power Micromechanical Photoswitch

2. S. Calisgan, V. Villanueva-Lopez, V. Rajaram, Z. Qian, S. Kang, S. Hernandez-Rivera, and M. Rinaldi, “Spectroscopic Chemical Sensing Based on Narrowband MEMS Resonant Infrared Detectors


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Gwendolyn passes her dissertation defense

Gwendolyn Hummel successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation “Integrated Microsystems for Reconfigurable RF Front Ends

Congratulations and best of luck for her new career at Sandia National Laboratories!!

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3 Papers Accepted for Oral Presentation to IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) 2018 – Kobe, Japan

Three papers have been accepted for oral presentation at IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS 2018). The conference will be held in Kobe, Japan, on 22-25 October 2018 at the Protopia Hotel.

  1. Flavius Pop, Bernard Herrera, Guofeng Chen, Emrecan Demirors, Raffaele Guida, Cristian Cassella, Tommaso Melodia, Matteo Rinaldi, “Novel pMUT-Based Acoustic Duplexer for Underwater and Intra-Body Communication” (nominated for best student paper award in the Microacoustics section)
  2. Giuseppe Michetti, Cristian Cassella, Flavius Pop, Kord Ahmed, Sounas Dimitrios, Andrea Alù, Matteo Rinaldi, “A Quasi-LTI Frequency-Selective SAW Circulator” (nominated for best student paper award in the Physical Acoustic section)
  3. Michele Pirro, Cristian Cassella, Piotr Kulik, Giuseppe Michetti, Yao Yu, Guofeng Chen, Matteo Rinaldi, “Novel topology for a non-reciprocal MEMS filter

Congratulations to everyone!!!

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Paper Accepted for Publication in IEEE Sensors Journal

The paper V. Rajaram, Z. Qian, S. Kang, S. D. Calisgan, N.E. McGruer, and M. Rinaldi , “Zero-Power Electrically Tunable Micromechanical Photoswitches”, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors Journal.


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Zhenyun Wins 2017 Chinese Government Award

Dr. Zhenyun Qian received the 2017 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad. This award was established by China Scholarship Council in 2003. No more than 500 recipients are selected worldwide each year for their outstanding accomplishments during PhD studies in any discipline. This award is considered as the highest award given by Chinese government to the graduate students studying overseas who do not receive financial support from Chinese government.


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