3 Paper Accepted for IFCS-EFTF 2019

The 3 papers have been accepted for presentation at IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and European Frequency and Time Forum (IFCS-EFTF) to be held in Orlando, Florida on April 14-18, 2019.

  1. G. Chen, F. Pop and M. Rinaldi, “High-Q X-Band Aluminum Nitride Combined Overtone Resonators”
    (Finalist in the Best Student Paper Competition)
  2. F. Pop, B. Herrera, C. Cassella and M. Rinaldi, “pMUT-based Real-Time (RT) Acoustic Discovery Architecture (ADA) for Intrabody Networks (IN)” (Finalist in the Best Student Paper Competition)
  3. M. Pirro, C. Cassella, G. Michetti and M. Rinaldi “Low loss non reciprocal filter for miniaturized RF-front-end platforms” (Finalist in the Best Student Paper Competition)


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Our Project Awarded the Resilience Solutions Grant

Our project “Battery-less Infrared Sensor Tags for Reliable Occupancy Sensing (BISTROS)” has been selected for the Resilience Solutions Grant Award 
in Northeastern’s GapFund360 program sponsored by the Global Resilience Institute. GapFund360 is a new funding program at Northeastern University (NU) overseen by the Center for Research Innovation (CRI) will help faculty researchers bridge the gap between promising lab results and commercially viable prototypes.


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Ryan Sungho Kang passed his MS Thesis Defense!

Ryan Sungho Kang successfully defended his MS Thesis entitled “Ultra-narrowband Metamaterial Absorbers for Multispectral Infrared Microsystems” on Dec 6th 2018.

Congratulations and good luck with the continuation of the PhD program!

Committee Members and Defendant: (from left to right) Prof. Matteo Rinaldi, MS Thesis Defendant Ryan Sungho Kang, Prof.  Yongmin Liu and Prof. Cristian Cassella

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Zhenyun Qian is promoted to Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Zhenyun Qian has been recently promoted to a Research Assistant Professor, Congratulations!!

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Gates Foundation awards the ‘Global Grand Challenge’ grant

We were awarded the grant “Global Grand Challenge” by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop miniaturized, maintenance-free zero-power chemical sensors for pest and disease monitoring.

“Manual surveillance is time-consuming and requires prior knowledge of disease symptoms. Automated, sensor-based crop surveillance is far more effective, but relatively expensive, and the sensors constantly consume power, making them unsuitable for low-resource settings. They will develop a low-energy sensor-based monitoring system by exploiting a recently developed technology that comprises a micromechanical switch made of two cantilever beams.”


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