While our group is focused on asking questions about the physical principles that guide biology, many of our simulations also visualize quite well.  Below are some videos of recent simulations.

Simulations of COVID-19 Spike protein during membrane fusion (Dodero-Rojas, Onuchic and Whitford, eLife, 2021)

Simulations of COVID-19 epitopes for vaccine delivery (Staquicini et al, PNAS, 2021)

All-atom simulation of a eukaryotic ribosome (Freitas, Fuchs, Oliveira and Whitford, Biophysica, 2021)

Simulations of a complete viral capsid (Whitford, Jiang and Serwer, Viruses, 2020)

Simulations of large-scale domain rearrangements in EF-Tu (Yang, Perrier and Whitford, Proteins, 2018)

Simulation of subunit rotation in the ribosome (Levi, et al. Biophysical Journal, 2017)

Simulation of mRNA-tRNA translocation (Nguyen and Whitford, Nature Communications, 2016)