Ongoing Activities 

SMOG-SERVER: The Whitford group continues to develop and maintain the structure-based model SMOG webserver and SMOG 2 software package. As part of this effort, we always welcome visitors. If you are interested in visiting and learning more about SMOG models, just send us an email.

High Performance Computing in Brazil: Prof. Whitford works with Rice University and the University of São Paulo to facilitate growth of HPC in Brazil, with a current focus on the use of a shared Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer. Check out the official site for more information.

RNA Institute: The RNA Institute at SUNY Albany is a new center for excellence in RNA research. Prof. Whitford is an external affiliated faculty member, and the group regularly participates in research-oriented activities within the institute.

HPC at NU: The Whitford group is active in the development and maintenance of HPC resources at NU.  This includes continuous consultation with NU ITS, as well as involvement with the NU Research Computing Committee.

Upcoming Events 

November 9, 2019: We are in the process of planning the first Molecular Biophysics in the Northeast meeting, which will be held at Northeastern University. The aim will be to bring together the active NE community of researchers that are working at the interface of physics and biology, which includes leading experimental and computational groups. If you are interested in participating in this event, please check out the event website

Past Events

September 24-26, 2018: We are organizing the 2nd Symposium on Current Topics in Molecular Biophysics, to be held in Santos, Brazil.

March 2018: We organized a series of computational workshop for high school students at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.  You can read about the event here.

March 15th, 2018: We are organizing a computational workshop to be held as part of the RNA Science and its Applications Symposium.

January 5-6, 2018: Prof. Whitford is co-organizing a celebratory symposium at Rice University in honor of José Onuchic’s 60th birthday.

March 16th, 2017: Workshop “RNA Dynamics: Interpretation of Experiments Through Simulation,” . held at SUNY Albany

March 17th, 2016: Workshop “RNA Dynamics: Structural Modeling Through Simulation,” held at SUNY Albany.

April 17th, 2015: The Third Workshop on HPC at The University of São Paulo.

April 11, 2015: The group will be participating in the New England Undergraduate Computing Symposium.  Check it out at

March 19, 2015: Workshop “RNA Dynamics: Going from in vitro to in silico,” held at SUNY Albany.

May 21-23, 2014: 1st Symposium on Current Topics in Molecular Biophysics, to be held at the University of São Paulo.

April 14th, 2014: 2WHPC: The 2nd Workshop on High Performance Computing at University of São Paulo.

April 7, 8, 9, 2014: Special Seminar by Prof. Whitford “Bridging Biology, Chemistry and Physics: Insights and Opportunities.” This seminar will provide an introductory discussion on the interface of the life sciences and physical sciences, with an emphasis on opportunities at NU for undergraduate participation in research.

March 29th, 2014: New England Undergraduate Computing Symposium This event is open to all undergraduate students in New England.  If you have taken a computing course, or participate in computing-related work/research, then please join us and see what activities and opportunities are available after graduation.