Each of our projects are student-led and student-driven. By joining a project, our members can apply their classroom knowledge into real-life creation and gain even more skills through collaboration and self-learning.

Check out each ongoing project below:

A Scara Arm to pick up and place cards, using computer vision to track and locate cards.

3-lb dueling robots designed to destroy the competition.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), competing in the MATE Competition

A self-replicating 3D printer, reproducing everything besides electronics. 

A 6-axis robotic arm, with a hand in development. 

An open-source quadruped robot, similar to Spot from Boston Dynamics.

A R&D project automatic geometry generation using sensor inputs and simulation driven by algorithmic design. 

A drone for building structures on other planets.

Robots competing in the University Vex Robotics Competition