About Us

The Northeastern Robotics Club (NURobotics) is a student-driven umbrella organization designed to promote hands-on robotics learning across disciplines.

Our goal is to de-mystify robotics. We strongly believe that:

  • No experience should be required to start
  • No fees should be required to join
  • Any major is welcome to contribute!

Our Projects

Chess Robot

A 3-axis gantry robot, designed to duel a human in chess.

Combat Robotics

Combat Robotics

3-lb dueling robots designed to destroy the competition.

Suspension Robotics

A robotic camera rig, hoisted by stepper-driven cables.

Underwater Robotics

MATE Team Square
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), competing in the MATE Competition.

Robot Dog

Robot Dog Leg
An open-source quadruped robot, similar to Spot from Boston Dynamics.

Vex U

Two 24″x24″ robots, competing in the University Vex Robotics Competition

Project Mitosis

A self-replicating 3D printer. reproducing everything besides electronics.

Robotic Arm


A 6-axis robotic arm, with a hand in development.

Intro to Robotics Course

Never built a robot before? Experienced in one domain of robotics, but want to learn more about the others?

Our free, hands-on, weekly Intro to Robotics Course covers everything you need to know to get started! It is available to all students, regardless of major or skill level.

By the end, you will build a wheeled robot capable of autonmously navigating a maze!

Project Accelerator Course

Interested in robotics, but none of our projects jump out to you?

Our project accelerator course enables you to lay the groundwork for your own robotics project!

We will assist you with developing milestones, achieving funding, and building the project into our roster.

Interested? Contact us!