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About Us

About Us

Northeastern Robotics Club is an umbrella organization at Northeastern University that maintains several independent student-led projects across the field of robotics while holding general meetings to unite the organization for presentations, activities, and trips.

We strive to create opportunities for people looking to learn about robotics and emphasize that the pursuit of learning is more important than sheer knowledge.

Our goal is to demystify robotics. We provide a launch-pad for learning about robotics and self-started student projects. We firmly believe that a commitment to learning matters more than accumulated knowledge ever could, and strive to equip you with the resources you need. It’s never too late to start.

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Mission Statement

When we talk to new members, the first question they ask is “Do I need to have prior experience?”. There seems to be a preconceived notion that if you weren’t part of the FIRST team in high school, or if you didn’t play around with LEGO Mindstorms in middle school that it is ‘too late’ and that the window for being a roboticist has closed. We are here to serve not only as a deterrent to this notion, but also a gateway into the rich robotics culture here at Northeastern University. We actively encourage our members to work together and pursue any robotics project that they are passionate about, and hope that this guided process enables discovery and ultimately promotes our idea that anyone can understand robotics.

As a club, we’re committed to bringing in new students with an interest in robotics, and giving them an opportunity to join a project to pursue what they want to learn. In a nutshell, we wholeheartedly encourage an aggressive pursuit of knowledge. Are you a journalism student who wants to pick up electrical engineering?  Who are we to stand in your way? We’ll put you on a project and pair you with an EE! The only thing we ask of our members is time. Learning something new takes a huge amount of time and dedication, so that’s all you need to be a member of our organization!

We look forward to you joining Northeastern Robotics!

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Mission Statement


Co-Presidents: Spencer Brennessel and Irina Pyataeva

Event Coordinators: Nolan Brown and Jaron Hylton

Treasury Head: Santiago Pinzon

Treasury Committee: Will Cui, Joseph Abate, and Reuben Houghton

Outreach Coordinator and Public Outreach Manager: Vanessa Hadlock

Webmaster: Nicole Danuwidjaja

Intro to Robotics Lead: Peyton Fitzgerald

About Us

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