About Us

We are here to dispel the myth that building robots has to be scary.  We provide both a launchpad for learning about robotics, and for learning how to self-start and manage novel robotics projects by working with a combination of faculty, peers, and graduate students. We firmly believe that a commitment to learning matters more than accumulated knowledge ever could, and strive to equip students with the resources they need. Whether it’s our 9 week intro course designed to teach real world robotics skills, or the “teach first, do second” mentality of our project leads, we are committed to making robotics accessible to everyone. We concurrently manage 9 robotics projects ranging from self-replicating 3D printers to robotic dogs and underwater robots. We also bring in speakers from both industry and academia to share their experiences in the field, and help students build connections with employers to further their careers.

At Northeastern, we are the full package when it comes to robotics, taking students from any experience level and having them leave as strong, confident roboticists.