Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Student Volunteer Testimonials

Several of our former volunteers have recorded testimonial videos or provided quotes about their personal experiences with the program to help future volunteers learn more about Open Gym/ Family Gym.

You can view the HKHF Open Gym YouTube video below to learn more about the student experience as a volunteer from three actual student volunteers!

Testimonial Quotes from Student Volunteers

“Although this service-learning experience required a lot of work, I enjoyed every minute of it and am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with such a great program, and truly feel that I have made a difference in the lives of others as well as my own life.”

“The most important quality I have been able to develop and improve upon through [HKHF] is my level of self-confidence. Through this service-learning experience, I have learned to have more faith in my abilities and in learning to communicate and motivate people to participate in a program, I have become more comfortable with meeting new people and sharing what I know and have learned with them. At [HKHF], the caregivers were very interested in our lives outside of the program and loved that we were students giving back to the immediate community by sharing our knowledge and time with them.”

We also have another video sharing the volunteer experience of a volunteer who eventually became a core staff member of Healthy Kids Healthy Futures’ Open Gym program at our Dorchester location.