Welcome to the Augmented Cognition Lab (ACLab)

Augmented Cognition is about enhancing human information-processing capabilities through the design of adaptive interfaces via physical, psychological, and cognitive state estimation. For a robust and efficient state estimation, we represent the state of the world in a low-dimensional embedding called "pose", which is a succinct interpretable representation of the important information in the state. At ACLab, we use machine intelligence (mainly Computer Vision and Machine Learning) to solve these pose estimation problems and to give human leverage, not to replace them! ACLab is part of the The Signal Processing, Imaging, Reasoning, and Learning (SPIRAL) Group at the Northeastern University.

Join The Team

  • ACLab is looking for talented graduate students. The lab is a fast-paced environment and there will be many challenging problems across a variety of disciplines. You will have to work hard, but in return you will have many opportunities to shape our research and pursue your unique take on our problems. I am especially interested in PhD students with a background in machine learning, computer vision, and algorithms. If this sounds like the kind of place you love to work, send me an email to ostadabbas@ece.neu.edu. (UPDATE: ACLab has no more open PhD position for Fall2019.)

Notes for Interested Undergraduate Students:

ACLab is always looking for talented and enthusiastic undergraduate students. Please check the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Awards center at Northeastern and based on your eligibility and the future deadlines contact me to define a project for you in line with the ACLab's mission. Deadlines: The last weekday of October for Spring semester; The last weekday of February for Summer sessions (i.e., May-August); The last weekday of July for Fall semester.
Our AR/VR technologies featured at NU Engineering magazine.
Traditional ACLab Gathering at the Beginning of Spring 2018.
Justin and Shuangjun received Best Engineering and Technology award at RISE:2017.
Yu Yin MS Thesis Defense (Title: Affective Pose: Facial & Physiology Expression of Emotion), Dec 3rd, 2018.
Behnaz Rezaei PhD Proposal Defense (Title: Action Recognition Explained), May 29th, 2019.
ACLab at CVPR2019 with 2 Posters, June 16-20, 2019.