Book Club

(Previous Books Covered: "Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms" by David J.C. MacKay, "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning" by M. Bishop, "Numerical Optimization" by Jorge Nocedal and Stephen J. Wright)

Bi-Weekly Book Club @ ACLab --- Mondays 10am-1pm: Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville

Date Lecturer Chapter
29-Jan-24 Pooria Ch20
11-Dec-23 Pooria Ch20
13-Nov-23 Bishoy Ch19
25-Sep-23 Somaieh Ch17
28-Aug-23 Xiangyu Ch16
14-Aug-23 Xiangyu Ch16
17-July-23 Yedi Ch15
19-June-23 Zhouping Ch15
22-May-23 Zhouping Ch14
8-May-23 Zhouping Ch14
17-April-23 Michael Ch13
3-April-23 Michael Ch13
13-March-23 Pooria Ch11
13-Feb-23 Le Ch10
30-Jan-23 Le Ch10
5-Dec-22 Elaheh Ch9.3
21-Nov-22 Elaheh Ch9.2
24-Oct-22 Elaheh Ch9.1
3-Oct-22 Xiaofei Ch7.2
19-Sep-22 Xiaofei Ch7.1
22-Aug-22 Shaotong Ch6.5
8-Aug-22 Shaotong Ch6.4
25-July-22 Lingfei Ch6.3
13-June-22 Zhouping Ch6.2
23-May-22 Zhouping Ch6.1
2-May-22 Michael Ch5.9
25-April-22 Shuangjun Ch5.7
11-April-22 Le Ch5
28-March-22 Xiaofei Ch4
7-March-22 Shaotong Ch3
7-Feb-22 Lingfei Ch2
23-Jan-22 Zhouping Ch1
Deep Learning
12-Nov-21 Michael Ch13
25-Oct-21 Vikram Ch12
4-Oct-21 Le Ch11
1-Aug-21 Xiaofei Ch10
19-July-21 Zhouping Ch4
28-June-21 Shaotong Ch3
14-June-21 Xiaofei Ch1-2
Numerical Optimization
12-April-21 Shaotong Ch45
29-March-21 Amir Ch44
22-February-21 Zhouping Ch42-43
1-February-21 Xiaofei Ch41
2-November-20 Shuangjun Ch38-40
19-October-20 Amir Ch37
5-October-20 Shaotong Ch36
21-Sep-20 Zhouping Ch34
17-August-20 Xiaofei Ch33
27-July-20 Amir Ch31
6-July-20 Shuangjun Ch29-30
22-June-20 Shuangjun Ch29
1-June-20 Zhouping Ch27-28
11-May-20 Xiaofei Ch25
20-April-20 Kathan Ch24
30-March-20 Amir Ch22-23
9-March-20 Zhouping Ch20-21
10-Feb-20 Behnaz Ch12
16-Dec-19 Xiaofei Ch8-9
18-Nov-19 Behnaz Ch7
21-Oct-19 Amir Ch6
23-Sep-19 Shuangjun Ch5
22-April-19 Xiaofei Ch4
01-April-19 Amir Ch3
18-Mar-19 Behnaz Ch2
25-Feb-19 Xiaofei Ch2
10-Feb-19 Shuangjun Ch1.2
28-Jan-19 Amir Ch1.1
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms
19-Nov-18 Yu Ch9.3
29-Oct-18 Shuangjun Ch9.2
15-Oct-18 Amir Ch9.1
26-Mar-18 Amir Ch8.3
12-Mar-18 Behnaz Ch8.2
12-Feb-18 Mohsen Ch8.2
29-Jan-18 Yu Ch8.1
3-Dec-17 Shuangjun Ch7.2
13-Nov-17 Behnaz Ch7.2
23-Oct-17 Mohsen Ch7.2
9-Oct-17 Yu Ch7.1
25-Sep-17 Pai Ch7.1
07-August-17 Behnaz Ch6.4
24-July-17 Amir Ch6.4
9-July-17 Behnaz Ch6.2
19-June-17 Amir Ch6.1
05-June-17 Shuangjun Ch5.7
15-May-17 Behnaz Ch5.5.4
17-Apr-17 Amir Ch5.5
03-Apr-17 Shuangjun Ch5.4
06-Mar-17 All Qualifying Exam Prep
06-Feb-17 Behnaz Ch5.2
23-Jan-17 Yu Ch5.1-Ch5.2
22-Nov-16 Shungjun Ch4.3
08-Nov-16 Behnaz Ch4.3
25-Oct-16 Amir Ch4.2
27-Sep-16 Xiaofei Ch4.1
28-July-16 Athena Ch3.3
21-July-16 Behnaz Ch3.2
14-July-16 Maria Ch3.1
7-July-16 Athena Ch2.5
30-June-16 Behnaz Ch2.4
23-June-16 Maria Ch2.3
16-June-16 Athena Ch2.2
09-June-16 Behnaz Ch2.1
02-June-16 All Ch1_ Intro
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning