When and where does the orchestra rehearse?

Rehearsals generally take place 6:15-8:45pm on Wednesdays in the Fenway Center (77 St. Stephen Street, about a block down from Stetson East Dining Hall). Due to sectionals or holidays, some rehearsals may be separated or rescheduled. Dress rehearsals are generally an additional rehearsal during the week preceding the concert.

Which instruments can I play in NUSO?

We are a full symphony orchestra with strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Pianists are encouraged to audition for our chamber ensembles.

What if I can’t bring my instrument to school with me?

We can help you find one! NUSO has instruments that we rent to members one semester at a time. If we don’t have what you need, we can help you find a rental elsewhere. Please contact nuso.manager@gmail.com for further information.

Can I take this as a class? 

NUSO is a one-credit class that all undergraduates can enroll in. See this page for more information. Members on co-op and those who will overload can still take Orchestra as a class for no additional cost.

How do tickets work?

Tickets go up on the tickets portal of myNortheastern two weeks before the concert date. They are free and sell out fast, so make sure to grab some!

Are there practice rooms?

Unfortunately, there are no practice rooms in Fenway Center. However, Ryder Hall has several music rooms. E-board has the code to these rooms, and can send it out upon request.


What is the audition process like? 

Auditions are required so our conductor can select pieces that are appropriate for the orchestra’s skill level and instrument distribution. These auditions are also used to seat players (which rotates when possible), and to determine how many students can be accepted (if there are more auditions than parts available). For more information about what to prepare (no scales!), click here.

When are auditions?

Auditions for new members take place at the end of the open rehearsals on the first Wednesday of the semester. Auditions for returning members are scheduled in advance during the week before the fall semester begins. 

How often do I need to audition?

Members must audition at the beginning of every school year. Students joining or returning in the spring semester may audition after the first rehearsal in January.

What should I prepare?

You must prepare two solo excerpts from the standard repertory for your instrument. These excerpts must contrast in either style or period to showcase your musical range. You must prepare an orchestral excerpt, chosen by the Director from the orchestral repertory. You will also be given a short excerpt to sight-read at the audition.


How often does the orchestra perform?

NUSO plays one concert at the end of each semester, generally in December and April respectively.

What is the dress code for concerts?

Members of the orchestra must wear concert black. Men must wear a black suit or tuxedo, with a white shirt and a black bow tie. Women may wear a black dress, black skirt, or slacks with a black blouse. Dresses and skirts must end below the knee. All members must wear black dress shoes, not sneakers, with black dress socks.