Below you can find information about our audition requirements, and access the audition excerpts. If you have any questions about auditions you can email our secretary at

Auditions occur at the beginning of every semester. All new and returning members must audition in the Fall, but only new members must audition in the Spring.

In order to sign up for auditions, please fill out the form here. Sign up for your audition timeslot on this Google Sheet.

In order to be added to the Email list for more information, please email the Secretary at

Audition Guidelines

All auditions will be held at the Fenway Center, located at 77 St. Stephen Street.

Auditions will start 9/6.

If you need to rent an instrument and haven’t let us know, reach out to Crystal ( ASAP!

Music for auditions

  • Please prepare two brief contrasting excerpts from your instrument’s solo literature that demonstrate your expressive and technical capabilities. For example, this may consist of a fast, technical excerpt and a slow, expressive one. While ideally, they are from different pieces, excerpts may be from the same piece—just make sure they are as contrasting as possible.
  • Please also prepare the orchestral excerpts for your instrument (available online at the link below and from the orchestra secretary).

Excerpts (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)