Please walk through the process to get an idea what a mentee sees and the directions given to them. Note they have been instructed to reach out to the potential mentors by email and include [NU ChE 1-ON-1 Mentoring Program] in the subject line to ease your recognition of the outreach effort. Please respond to their outreach efforts as soon as possible to advance the process and further the dialogue.

This initiative works only because of your involvement. We will continue soliciting alumni to grow the participation and broaden and deepen the industry and work experiences available to the student population that seeks a mentor through the website. If you know classmates or other ChE department alums who may be interested in supporting this initiative please reach out to them and invite them to contact me at I can answer their questions and enroll them in the program if they wish to pursue.

Please remember to keep your profile information current … particularly your contact information. Let me know if there is a change and I can update the database.

We will evaluate making the website’s database accessible to mentors in the future, but I’m told a small error in data input can disable the site. We will err on the safe side for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your continued support!