You will drive this process.

You’ll be directed to a list of criteria from which you will select. The selection process will select those that best define the issue/question/topic you wish to engage the mentor to discuss. You can reset the criteria by clicking on ‘Reset Selection’ from any of the criteria pages in case you find no suitable mentor or you would like to refine your selection criteria. A very narrow set of selection criteria may yield no mentors currently participating in the program. If this  occurs you will have to restart the criteria selection process with a somewhat broader set of selection criteria.

When you have a list of potential mentors you are responsible for reaching out to them to see if the mentor is in a position to help you. If you have immediate needs a potential mentor may be unable to be responsive in your desired timeframe. You may choose to contact multiple mentors to select the one(s) you think may be the most help.

When you reach out via e-mail it is recommended you put “NU ChE 1-ON-1 Mentoring Program” in the subject line to better identify the subject matter and create a sense of urgency.

To start the selection process click here.