Apr 22

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Papers accepted for Oral presentation in 2013 IEEE UFFC joint symposia

The paper Y. Hui, Z. Qian and M. Rinaldi A 2.8 GHz Combined Mode of Vibration Aluminum Nitride MEMS Resonator with High Figure of Merit Exceeding 45, the paper Y. Hui and M. Rinaldi Aluminum Nitride Nano-Plate Resonant Infrared Sensor with Self-Sustained CMOS Oscillator for Nano-Watts Range Power Detection and the paper Z. Qian, Y. Hui, F. Liu, S. Kar and M. Rinaldi Single Transistor Oscillator Based on a Graphene-Aluminum Nitride Nano Plate Resonator all have been accepted for Oral presentation in 2013 IEEE UFFC joint symposia to be held on July 22-25, 2013 in Prague Conventioon Center, Prague, Czech Republic.


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