Leticia Gomes

Leticia is a third-year Ph.D. candidate from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Suffolk University in 2021. Leticia is using high-throughput virtual screening calculations to identify novel organic photoredox reactions and collaborating with the Doyle group at UCLA. Additionally, she is investigating the mechanistic origin of the stereoselectivity in photodenitrogenation reactions using non-adiabatic molecular dynamics.

Christian Salguero

Christian is a second-year PhD student from Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Connecticut College in 2021 where he majored in Chemistry with 2 minors in math and computer science. Christian is now using various quantum chemical methods, such as Density Functional Theory and complete active space, and machine learning methods, such PyRAI2MD, to understand photochemical mechanisms of light-promoted gas-evolving reactions.


Bruno Mochi

Bruno Is a first-year PhD Student from Frederick, Maryland. He graduated from Lebanon Valley College, PA in 2023 where he majored in ACS Chemistry. Bruno is very interested in computational chemistry and is still learning all that he can from the more senior graduate students. He is mainly interested in physical organic chemistry and is excited to be doing research on organic photoredox catalysis.


Sean Larmore

Sean Larmore is a first-year graduate PhD student from Flemington, NJ. He graduated from New Jersey Instituted of Technology in 2023 with a major in chemistry and a minor in applied mathematics. Sean is still learning a lot about the lab and the various methods employed, but he is extremely interested in understanding the mechanisms of photo-activated chemical reactions as well as the potential role that solvation plays in these reactions. Sean is currently working on photocatalyzed ammonia cleavage reaction as well as a project about photo-excited halogen bonds!

Bella Albano

Bella is a second-year undergraduate student from Rochester, New York and is a research assistant in the Lopez Lab. She is majoring in health science and pursuing a career in medicine. Bella is using multireference quantum calculations to uncover the mechanisms of misunderstood photochemical reactions.

Iain Kimpton

Iain is a second-year undergraduate from Winchester, Massachusetts. He is a research assistant in the Lopez Lab. Iain is majoring in Biology with hopes of becoming a Physicians Assistant. Iain uses a variety of quantum chemical methods, including machine learning methods like PyRAI2MD, to understand complex photochemical mechanisms.