Summer Research Experience Program


Maggie Yi

I am from Middlesex Community College and I am majoring in biology. From this research experience, I hope to learn how to utilize computer science skills to mimic chemistry reactions. 


Wyatt Fajkowski

I am a student at Middlesex Community College. I am majoring in chemistry, but have a strong interest in the sciences in general. This summer, I hope to both broaden my own knowledge of chemistry and contribute meaningfully to the research being conducted at the Lopez Lab.

Audrey Choi

I am a current student at Middlesex Community College, but I will be transferring to UC San Diego in the fall. I am currently majoring in general biology. Through this experience, I hope to learn skills that I can use and apply to my future research and studies. This experience would also allow me to determine if I want to pursue a more chemistry-orientated field in the future.

Summer Research Experience Guest Lecture Series

Prof. Lisa Fredin (Lehigh University; June 8 2022)

Prof. Osvaldo Gutierrez (TAMU; June 16 2022)

Prof. Marco Messina (U Delaware; June 22 2022)

Prof. Seonah Kim (Colorado State University; June 29, 2022)

Dr. David Gonzalez (UCLA; June 30, 2022)