Graduate seminar on Hecke algebras and affine Hecke algebras, Fall 2014

Here is a reincarnation of the MIT-NEU grad student Representation theory seminar!

Running weekly on Tuesdays (note the change of time!) alternating between MIT and Northeastern:

MIT, 56-154 (5-8pm w. pizza break): Sept 9,23, Oct 7,21, Nov 4,25, Dec 9.

NEU, Ryder 394 (note that the room has changed!) (6-8pm): Sept 16,30, Oct 14,28, Nov 18, Dec 2.

Organized by Pavel Etingof (a.k.a. the Boss=Officer Krupke from the "West Side Story") and Ivan Losev.

In the Fall semester we plan to discuss the following topics:

1) Hecke algebras and finite groups of Lie type.

2) Affine Hecke algebras and p-adic groups.

3) Categorical representations of type A Kac-Moody algebras.

Talk schedule:

Sep 9, MIT, 56-154: Seth Shelley-Abrahamson (MIT): Motivation and First Results for Hecke Algebras of Finite Coxeter Groups, Notes, part 1.

Sep 16, NEU, 544NI: Seth Shelley-Abrahamson (MIT): cont'd.

Nate Harman (MIT): Preliminary results on p-adic groups and their representations. Notes.

Sep 23, MIT, 56-154: Nate Harman (MIT), cont'd.
Sep 30, NEU, 394RY: Cesar (Misha) Cuenca (MIT): Structure of some Hecke algebras associated to the p-adic group GL(V). Notes (part 1).
Oct 7, MIT, 56-154: Cesar (Misha) Cuenca (MIT), cont'd.

Seth Shelley-Abrahamson (MIT): Dimensions of unipotent principal series, notes.

Oct 14, NEU, 394RY: Yi Sun (MIT): Schur-Weyl duality for quantum groups, notes.
Oct 21, MIT, 56-154: Yi Sun (MIT), cont'd.
Oct 28, NEU, 394RY: Gus Lonergan (MIT), Equivariant K-theory and the affine Hecke algebra, notes.
Nov 4, MIT, 56-154: Gus Lonergan (MIT), cont'd.
Nov 11, no meeting because of Veteran's day.
Nov 18, MIT, 56-154 (note the change of location!): Gus Lonergan (MIT), cont'd, notes.

Siddharth Venkatesh (MIT): Affine Hecke algebras of type A and Ariki-Koike algebras.

Nov 25, MIT, 56-154: Siddharth Venkatesh (MIT), cont'd, notes.

Jose Simental (NEU) Introduction to type A categorical Kac-Moody actions, complete notes.

Dec 2, NEU, 394RY: Jose Simental (NEU), cont'd.
Dec 9, MIT 56-154, Huijun Zhao (NEU) Crystals, notes.
And for this semester the fun is over!!! More fun to follow in Spring 2015.